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  1. Sky.


    Thank you!!! So far I've met some amazing and very helpful people ;~; I'm so happy hear and the events have been so much fun! *0*
  2. Heya!! I'm new myself, but we can still be friends :D. So far, the server is amazing, fun events, friendly people, active and friendly staff! Totally worth the try, hopefully see you in game :3 You can say hi if you see me around, xCielo Have fun!
  3. Sky.


    Omg! I sudden feel approved here. >//< You both are so sweet! Thank you! Hope I can make friends here just as nice as both of you :3
  4. Sky.


    Is okaaaaii, really don't worry that wasn't my intention but just have someone to talk to in game, it gets lonely ;w; my in game name is xCielo :3
  5. Sky.


    Thank you!! I've been reading a lot of the guides and stuff but still I don't like to bother people but I do hope to see you around, it be nice to have a friend Q_Q
  6. Sky.


    Ommmmg! Thank you to both of you friendly people!! I appreciated :3 Thank you! I hope so too :3
  7. Sky.


    Hello everyone! So just like everyone here, I've recently started playing Talon RO. I saw all the friendly reviews and thought why not give a go. Right now, I have quite a bit of time on my hands so decided to come back to RO. The server I used to play is pretty much dead so I saw how populated and friendly community Talon is so decided to try it. Hopefully I get to meet a lot of cool people around, I'm pretty shy so yeah any recommendations on how to make friends >//<. Anywayyy! Hopefully I see you all there, I saw you guys have a Discord but again, shy so doubt I'll pop in but who knows! Nice meeting you all :3
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