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  1. Thank you for replies! And big thanks to Lee for tips! I'm already in discord group so I guess I could ask some things there too.
  2. Hello everyone! Complete newbie here, never played RO before, so I am super excited to give it a go and experience this really interesting game for the first time. Was looking low rates server so I could experience most that game have to offer without too fast lvl ups, and this one has the most positive reviews and apparently super friendly community. I'm reading a lot of guides and am starting with archer class probably hunter/sniper even though bard/clown sounds really interesting too, but since I like bows I'll probably stay with hunter for that reason and also it is, from what I've read so far, really newbie friendly class so that makes me super happy too. Newbie tips are appreciated, but I'm reading both forum and Wiki page for tips and information so I won't bother anyone too much with explaining basic stuff to me. Also if I may ask a quick opinion on Gunslinger and Soul Linker on this server, probably I missed topics about them. I find them really interesting too and probably going for one or both of them when I learn stuff and get a bit bored of my hunter. Looking forward to exploring this game and maybe meeting some of you people in game.
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