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  1. Feb 17 2:30am please, thanks!
  2. 2:30am on the 22nd please, thanks!
  3. Feb 6th 2:30am please, thanks!
  4. Jan 5th 2:30am, thanks Lance!
  5. Not sure how easy / hard this would be to implement, but is there any chance we can get a new option or command to reduce the audio duration of the bard and dancer's songs and dances (including ensembles)? Sometimes it's hard to hear the other game effects over those sounds. Thanks!
  6. Just want to second Valeyard's suggestion about the afk-timer in Shadow Tag (the afk timer being shorter than status duration) and Inotia's suggestion about Whack-a-ghostring (let the ghosts expire after some time). And maybe adding a top 3 ranking for whack-a-ghostring?
  7. Saw someone get Stall of Dominions costume from pro box (not me 🤣)
  8. Preferred Class: Clown IGN: GurneyHalleck Secondary Class: Gypsy IGN: Bone Fire
  9. Munak taking a break from payon cave to get some sunshine ~ IGN : BoneVoyage
  10. Go to ein_fild01 (Yuno -> South -> West -> North). There is a portal in the top left corner of the map; that's the "cave map". http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=npc_shop_warp&map=ein_fild01
  11. That does not work here (otherwise my level 5 steal stalker would be very sad).
  12. And there's no one else in the party? It should work...
  13. Sharing exp is only available if all members are within 20 levels of each other.
  14. Any plans for adding additional character slots to game accounts, since we can now have per character genders? It would be nice to have both a clown and gypsy on the same account without deleting a character. Also, will the swap to rAthena break currently existing homunculus and mercenary AI?
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