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  1. Preferred Class: Clown IGN: GurneyHalleck Secondary Class: Gypsy IGN: Bone Fire
  2. Munak taking a break from payon cave to get some sunshine ~ IGN : BoneVoyage
  3. Go to ein_fild01 (Yuno -> South -> West -> North). There is a portal in the top left corner of the map; that's the "cave map". http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=npc_shop_warp&map=ein_fild01
  4. That does not work here (otherwise my level 5 steal stalker would be very sad).
  5. And there's no one else in the party? It should work...
  6. Sharing exp is only available if all members are within 20 levels of each other.
  7. Any plans for adding additional character slots to game accounts, since we can now have per character genders? It would be nice to have both a clown and gypsy on the same account without deleting a character. Also, will the swap to rAthena break currently existing homunculus and mercenary AI?
  8. TheStranger

    about GMC

    Perhaps allow the Eden Group Mark (item id 22508) to be kafra storageable? Not sure which would be easier to implement.
  9. TheStranger

    BG, Rush

    Seconding this. The team that breaks first loses ~ 75% of the time. So the optimal strategy is to just never break first, which is boring. Unless you have a specific composition, it's not worth it to break first.
  10. Here's my entry! I spent way more time than the quality would indicate. Hopefully my rendition of TamTam doesn't give anyone nightmares... IGN : BoneVoyage
  11. I feel dumb now, haha. Thanks for the response!
  12. Adding to the unres dungeon - would be nice if the instance item (soul stone I think it's called?) could drop by the mobs at a low chance, and not just from the MVP. Give us plebs a chance!
  13. Just to throw some numbers out there in support of this: Assuming your group runs and successfully completes Old Glast Heim daily, and assuming they get around 6 coagulated spell per person per run, it would take (8500+6500)/6 = 2500 days to obtain both cards for each person. Even if your group decides to pool all their spells together, that's still going to take over a year to obtain both cards. Edit: After running the instance a few times, it seems like each character is guaranteed 2 spells upon successful completion. So my original estimate is even worse.
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