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  1. Sat, Sept 26th, 2:30am please, thanks!
  2. Sunday, Oct 4 2:30am please, thanks!
  3. Saturday the 19th at 2:30am please, thanks!
  4. Saturday April 11th 2:30am please, thanks! 😍
  5. Hiyo Lance, may we have a run at Mar 9 2:30am? Thanks!
  6. Heyo Lance, may we run again at Sat March 7th 2:30am? Thanks!
  7. Feb 17 2:30am please, thanks!
  8. 2:30am on the 22nd please, thanks!
  9. Feb 6th 2:30am please, thanks!
  10. Jan 5th 2:30am, thanks Lance!
  11. Just want to second Valeyard's suggestion about the afk-timer in Shadow Tag (the afk timer being shorter than status duration) and Inotia's suggestion about Whack-a-ghostring (let the ghosts expire after some time). And maybe adding a top 3 ranking for whack-a-ghostring?
  12. Preferred Class: Clown IGN: GurneyHalleck Secondary Class: Gypsy IGN: Bone Fire
  13. Munak taking a break from payon cave to get some sunshine ~ IGN : BoneVoyage
  14. Here's my entry! I spent way more time than the quality would indicate. Hopefully my rendition of TamTam doesn't give anyone nightmares... IGN : BoneVoyage
  15. I feel dumb now, haha. Thanks for the response!
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