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  1. I must say this that farming with this build in Geffenia feels so mighty. High Wizard card works wonders in Geffenia combined with +5 int food and blessing. Thinking also getting leak card instead of deviling, getting too much spike magic damage from violy by wearing deviling and angeling combo. Will report how that work. GTB and bathory feels so clunky specialy with incubus sp suck, switching to non GTB shield to Grape juice myself. without leak can mosly 1 shot incubus and succubus. With leak +5 int should be almost always 1 shot.
  2. Works! Used my paladin gear on GC Stalker, and its wonderful fast leveling in abbey! PS Do not try to tank number of necros as much as paladin since stalker doesn't have autoguard, which helps paladins survivability a lot!
  3. Are 2 sniper cards enough or should be 3?