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  1. Enchanted Mage Coat [1]

    not sure, but I'd get the one that add stats usually. the mdef is bonus compared to your other examples but sure, silk robe[1] would make a better all rounder
  2. Enchanted Mage Coat [1]

    I would agree with this if the slotted one didn't have mdef on it, 5 mdef actually makes a difference in some scenarios
  3. When good leecher turns bad :(

    Charging 3m per hour with that kind of rate in abbey03, I mean seriously? He is a high wizard, it's no wonder it takes time for him to ress you, he has limited HP unlike high priests even though his damage output is high As a leecher I have no problems noticing my leechee being dead/logged off as long as my @showexp didn't fail When you buy leeches, ask your leecher how much exp he can fork out per hour so if you get anything lower you can extend for free Well I had cases where people "forgets" to put on their exp gears, and I don't find it my fault that I did not remind them especially when I had lent it and they brought it with them From what I am looking at, his performance doesn't deserve anything close to 6m For the leeches I sell, I am 100% okay with people showing up the last 20 minutes of what I had estimated, that's how confident I am with my pace and endurance and yes I extend for free if you do not get there
  4. [Useless but fun] Link costume

    I think the OP is saying that he wanted more ways to be able to acquire some costumes other than limited event or from players But they could add some more costumes to rental NPC even if there are permanent ones available But still the easiest way is to donate or farm for costumes, just so you don't get your hopes up
  5. Lag spikes

    There is nothing you can do other than blaming the client and the server
  6. So, why was my post wiped without any notice?

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    2. [Jaime]


      The last move to a new host made me laggy. But it's just probably my ISP I guess (blame the ISP game). 

    3. GM Seiren

      GM Seiren

      Before mindlessly blaming the server for your own lag, instead provide something useful such as a WinMTR log. That way we can easily show you exactly where you are lagging. I can guarantee you that it's not on the server though.

      Also, this has nothing to do with "ego" from 10 years of experience. It's called experience for a reason. In 99.99% of the cases when people complain about lag, it has absolutely nothing to do with the server. Most people who blame the server for their lag have no clue what they are talking about, pretty much.

    4. GM Boreas

      GM Boreas

      "The last server move made me lag." Yes, you, but I for example have the exact same ping. It's your isp or the carrier between you and our datacenter, do you think we own the internet or what? It's basically like driving up to McDonald's and complaining about how bad the highway is. The server is not lagging, the routing is probably not stable, but there is nothing we can do about that as we do not own the internet. Period.

  7. Q. DEF nerf

    Trust me, it hurts those who doesn't have 99 def more than who do. Not everyone likes to mob, the change is basically assuming everyone likes to mob.
  8. Q. DEF nerf

    -3% per monster -6% per boss type monster -9% per MVP The reduction is based on the DEF you have from your equipment, so the better it is the more it reduces and hence the term nerf
  9. The current price is always the current lowest, I have not seen 1.2m in 2 months now, are you sure? the last time it was ever high was around new years And also if you vend it around 1.15m it sells, it is cheaper but you have more way of using zeny rather than talon coins most of the time
  10. the best value of talon coin is usually to sell them, unless you need something that people don't sell at all. e.g. War Axe [1], Helm of Angel People don't use that combo much around here for basic gears I have seen people use morpheus's set but the ring looks way too expensive lol
  11. Sleip GEC or Sleip Eddga

    yeah but you recover fast means you can put another hit sooner, like they said the soft cap is 200k so you don't necessarily need to fully recover your sp
  12. Sleip GEC or Sleip Eddga

    wth... GEC, Eddga won't help you if you are getting status ailments
  13. removal/cooldown of ygg berry/seed use from unress pvp

    it's actually quite expensive to use yggdrasil seeds and yggdrasil berry for war, I don't think people actually use them a lot to be honest
  14. Where is the area for lv85~99?

    recommendation: keep killing alarms