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  1. I can confirm it is quite generous (feels like 3-5%), but given that we're suppose to be forming long ass words with marbles that drop at a not-so-high chance from those boxes, the drop rate better be generous. Also, it's not like the item list is anywhere NEARLY as good as the Trick or Treat Bag from Halloween Event. Looking back, those Trick or Treat Bags are pretty damn good in terms of return on investment.
  2. Sup Willis, if you thought your Spring Rabbit Card was bad, check out my Clip [1] from the Special Gift Box. This officially ends my Special Slow Flake (that's not a typo, it's slow for sure) farming and releases me from Quiz Hell. I think that one's an exception, in order to even out the value probably.... besides, it's not a headgear (so not many color variation to separate by color), and it's not elementally related. Edit: just got Book of Mother Earth from Shiny Yellow Box, so my theory works out so far. I haven't seen one, and I farmed a lot of them.
  3. Any particularly drops from the Shiny Gift Boxes (dropped by mob) that's worth mentioning? Personally the more notable finds includes Meteor Plate from East Map, Oridicon Jewelcutter, OCA and Wind Katar from West Map. Gotten Elemental Books from all maps, I suspect it is based on the color of the Gift Box (for each element). Hmmm... following that logic, Elemental Katars probably drops from Gift Boxes with the corresponding color as well, maybe that can help ppl who are looking to farm a particular item. Of course my entire theory might as well be completely bullocks. What's notable is that I haven't killed the Christmas Lunatic very much due to me using silver arrow most of the time and silver does no damage to these guys. Am I missing out on any particular good items from the Gift Box they drop?
  4. Any feedback on how profitable the event is? I'm too busy hanging out with friends and family to play RO right now, wondering if I'm missing out much, those SQI funds don't save up by themselves.
  5. Does the Disguise Scroll work after the event, or does it only work during the event?
  6. Then it will encourage strategic guessing by evenly distributing your guessing range and then narrow it down from there. The game will become too tedious and statistical. Unless you limit the number of guesses. But then that's a different game altogether, but I don't see a problem with that, if indeed that's what ppl want. On another note, is there a clear ending date? I don't want to miss that date and still have all my tickets. (Also help me to plan how many tickets I need to get every day to get 1 MVP card before event ends)
  7. Just want to throw in my 2 cents. First, mini-games, damn are there macro users in there raking it in... 1414 clicks for the Poring Clicking game, not freaking humanly possible. Also, the guess-the-number game is still too boring. At least half the time no one guess the answer at all. All other games have a clear winner, so there's no reason guess-the-number couldn't make do with 100-200 numbers in all and increase the pace/urgency of the game and thus making it more fun. Now to quiz room, yeah it was very generous before, but 2-3 tickets is... horrendous. Couldn't there be a middle ground? Also, you're talking like the quiz room is "too" attractive, and you want to make people experience the other activities. That's fine, one way to do that is for the quiz room to have a break of 1 hr for every 2/3 hr for example, while keeping the rewards attractive enough that people would still come in droves to get social with each other. Because I think the quiz room is the only game/activity in this event that has truly brought people together, and is making them interact with each other instead of silently gather around in a small circle and try to click faster than the other in yet another variation, or grind for yet another form of reward point in yet another map killing mobs.
  8. Btw. What's in the room that has an Agent standing in front asking for ticket bribe? I got the notion that there's monster to kill but I don't want to spend tickets and find out they're tougher than I can handle.
  9. Hahaha.. I remember some ppl getting superstitious about that Lude "Lude is always in the answer box that's correct!" "Where's the Lude!!?!?!?" I swear those pandas can read my mind, they literally snap in from off-screen and snatch up my loots.
  10. Prob the guy that ask for pumpkin pie, damn those pandas, they loot like a bastard and I can't kill them!
  11. Any hints for starting the lude mask quest? haha...
  12. Title: Thanks for playing I guess? Title: Want to play with my bird? Title: Let's play Doctor. Title: The trick to winning is to be patient, to be my patient I mean. IGN: DoctorX
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