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  1. I dont like this combo.... R> paladins! > Mbk prof.
  2. danyjex

    Azure :: [Vanilla WoE SE/BG/High Tier PvM] :: R> OPEN

    C-C-C-C-C-Combo Breaker!!!
  3. R> Paladins > DLP prof > FS HW!!
  4. Thx for the support! B> paladins
  5. Bump. We're currently in dire need of paladins and FS/DD HWs!
  6. Bump, roster filling up sloooowly! Join up, don't let azure get all those emperium jewel cutters and ultimate pickaxes!
  7. danyjex

    Looking for non-vanilla WoE guild! :-)

    Hi. I know you're looking for non-vanilla woe but if by any chance you change your mind and want to give vanilla woe a try (mainly vanilla SE), please check out https://forum.talonro.com/index.php?topic=69601.0 . We just recently started building our woe team, so gear won't matter at all!
  8. danyjex

    HW 99/70 IC SQI is looking for guild

    If you're looking to start woeing right away then ignore this. Frontliner is starting to run proper ET / Seals runs, and we also recently started building up our woe team for vanilla SE. I wouldn't say the whole guild is a veteran woe guild, in fact most ppl don't woe frequently. However we have ppl who are very familiar with woe and their mechanics leading the team so we'll improve with time! Look us up here for more detail. https://forum.talonro.com/index.php?topic=69601.0 Or pass by amatsu sometime =)
  9. Bump, now actively looking for woe players for SE Vanilla. Your gears and experience are irrelevant, just need to listen and be willing to improve =)