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  1. I feel like you're all missing the best part of wearing glasses, though -- when your friends take your glasses, put them on, and loudly exclaim "WHOA! Dude! You're, like, blind! You must really need these!" No shit? You thought I was just wearing glasses all the time for fun?
  2. Originally made a thread before I thought, duh, should've put this here. Any reason you didn't name this event the Halloween Horrorchestra? You had to think of it!
  3. I dislike this on a fundamental level anyway. I play another game -- a bit bigger than tRO, about 10 players with multiple servers that I am a global staff member of -- and some of the servers in that game have resorted to creating "auras" (also called "emitters") for items. Ultimately, they're completely goofy nonsense and detract from utilizing auras that actually mean things (such as utilizing neat aura/particles to upgrade how spell effects look or offering auras as prizes). I would not be against the implementation of custom auras if they were in the form of high-end prizes (such as: you
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