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  1. Sounds good. Rework the panel? Any details on this? I think you just put out the new panel last year, right? It's been awesome so far. Anything I'm missing?
  2. The Storage Search is probably my favorite new(-ish) feature on the site by a good margin. Problem for me is that my Storage Search comes with dozens of pages even after sorting them into 100 lines per page. There's no feasible way for me to go through this on the regular to look for good deals or tidy it up, short of making a script to webscrape the data and pull it down into a CSV file and parse it from there. The same is true (but to a much lesser need) for whobuy shops and the "export to PDF" option (except in this case, it's a PDF->CSV converter). It would be great if these, or particularly Storage Search, could have "Export to CSV" downloaders.
  3. I'll save my rants about how the nerfs shouldn't have been reverted. But I'll add this: I'd never have reverted them if I were in Boreas' shoes, as I think players are totally wrong and don't know what they want. I'm assuming he got pressured by some higher-up. Sorry Boreas. You were totally right. If I had known player input were being taken, I would have gone on the forums yesterday to voice my support (and I know at least 3 others who would have as well). Sorry we all remained silent. That said, adding more boring "farm this for 400 hours to make NPC-zeny-items" doesn't sound enjoyable. It's a huge reason why I can't consistently play this game for more than a few months at a time, and 4 of my friends that I have showed the server (all of which played long enough to rebirth and reach at least 90+ trans without any leeching at all) have all quit once they finally reached the "time to farm for hours!" part of the game. There should be more methods to make money for farming stuff to sell to players. On that front, I suggest the following: 1. SQI item rotation - make it somewhat frequent so that new items are encouraged and players are more frequently contracted 2. Buffs to cards - especially new world cards - to make them competitive alternate sidegrades to current best-in-slot items. I wouldn't even mind seeing a little power creep here, this is the new world. Check out my suggestions for #9 as to how these cards could be used to bridge the gap in power between MVP cards and non-MVP cards in a farmable way. 3. More SQI upgrade options, ideally requiring new items from new world or end-game dungeons 4. More SQIs or alternate SQIs, maybe an SQI-evolution path where you can upgrade (not just augment, upgrade) your SQI 5. More quests that require items that players can farm for each other, biasing items that drop from currently underfarmed mobs. Once again, new world/end-game dungeon items preferred 6. Slight expansions to old systems, eg a lv11 cookbook. Or alternate lv10 cookbooks that also make +10 food but drop off of new world MVPs or something of that nature and uses different ingredients to make stuff. 7. Buffs to "doghouse" MVPs. Eg, GTB is in the doghouse. His drops are terrible. I'd like to show my girlfriend the joys of MVPing since she's relatively new, but dragging her around for 3 hours to find one MVP that's alive and doesn't kill us and doesn't get stolen only to make ~20k on the kill will be brutally discouraging for her. 8. Paragon levels after max level could be cool. Could make them function more similarly to DotA2 or Overwatch than D3 -- ie, cosmetic rewards for leveling, NOT stat points. That'd encourage people to go to places where they make EXP (And just encourage overall play, plus there could be a neat leaderboard as well). Then, just substantially nerf/remove the EXP gains from any of the "popular" zeny maps (eg, Geffenia). Those players would still make bank, but Geffenia wouldn't be a premiere place to farm both Zeny and EXP. 9. Right now, there's a problem you hit once you get LKH/Sleips (which you can get with 50 million and about 20-40 hours of farming ingredients) -- you reach a point where all decent upgrades come from MVPs or SQIs. Eg, celeb rings can only be bought with TC/zeny. SQIs cost hundreds of millions. MVP cards are BASICALLY zeny/TC-only. You hit a point where "farm money endlessly!" becomes the only way to play the game. That isn't how it should be. There could be a lot done to close the game between "the best non-SQI items" and "SQI items." For example, what does an archer or a katar sin use before Artemis/TF? Basically nothing -- or rental items. The best Katar weapon before TF might be an S. Jur[4] with 4 MVP cards. Again, 4 MVP cards. That's not something you can farm. You basically can't farm ANYTHING anymore once you hit a certain point. It'd be neat if you could continue to gain power through farming -- eg, if you could, for instance, craft celebration rings by taking 10M Zeny + 5 5-TC cards. Or, for example, if some farmable New World monster dropped an item that weren't MVP-level but were better than trash tier. Look at a TG card for example -- would be nice if there were, say, a new world card there were +14% damage done or so. It'd be definitively not-BiS/not-better-than-TG, but the knowledge that you could reasonably sit there and farm it would help newer players continue to progress through the game without ever hitting the "Time to sit and farm 500 million zeny" portion." Note: my complaint is not that farming zeny is the most efficient method. It's the only method. Sure, you can farm cards and sell them or farm armor and sell them or whatever. But early on in a player's experience, you can gain power just from questing (LKH, Sleipnir, etc) which take some money while you go through but are not "pure-buys." That rug is pulled out from under your feet suddenly when you hit the "Want to gain more power? Go farm 200M zeny to collect MVP cards and celeb rings and SQIs that you literally cannot get in a reasonable time unless you just go and acquire an absurd amount of money!" There's virtually no way to obtain celeb rings or MVP cards without spending zeny. Finally, a Meiadrir-centered issue: Champion mobs should drop more than 1 copper/bronze coin on death. They should drop, like, 100 CC. What max level char wants to be in a TamTam map and compete with others to hunt and kill lv30 monsters if they aren't going to drop seriously 1-2M worth of goods if they manage a kill on a champion? 1 bronze/copper coin isn't an incentive; it's a slap in the face. And FWIW, before I get some kind of explanation about how I'm playing RO wrong if I don't like endless farming or something or another -- I'd wager I'm one of the richer players on the server. The problem isn't that I hate what I can't have. Whatever you think I want, I probably have it already. The problem is that I hate how the "farm or sink" playstyle is the only one that's allowed after your net worth reaches around ~50m and how many people that turns away.
  4. Originally made a thread before I thought, duh, should've put this here. Any reason you didn't name this event the Halloween Horrorchestra? You had to think of it!
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