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  1. Values

    Assassin vs Rogue cheap farmer

    Generally speaking, your stat plan for all locations: 1. Find out how much HIT you need to get Perfect Hit against your target and point DEX to get (that amount minus 5). So if you need 135 HIT and you have 98 HIT with 1 DEX, you should get 135-98 = 37, minus 5, = get 32 DEX. 2. Get at-or-near 95% Dodge. If an enemy requires 188 FLEE to have 95% Dodge and you have 144 FLEE, you should get 188-144 = get 44 AGI. 3. Get a strength breakpoint. You get big boosts of strength every 10 STR. So if you have 54+6 STR you will do significantly more than 53+6 STR. I'd recommend aiming for around 70 or 80 strength as a good low-to-mid-level breakpoint. 4. Get your next Attack Speed breakpoint. Just keep pointing into AGI (with your Berserk Potion up) until you see your ASPD change. 5. Put the rest of your points into STR (until final breakpoint) or AGI (after, for more ASPD). For skills: 1. Get auto-steal so you can automatically steal from enemies you autoattack. 2. Get intimidate to save money/space on fly wings if you have no teleport clip. 3. As a Stalker, grab Plagiarism/Preserve and get an area-appropriate skill with Plagiarism (like Bowling Bash for Sleeper mobbing, for example). For gear: 1. Start with pantie/undershirt or Eden Group stuff 2. Grab Dragon Vest/Dragon Manteau combo once you become Stalker 3. Look up guides on weapons depending on location, e.g. ice pick for sleepers or weeder knife for mavkas. 4. Later, standard stuff like celebs, LKH, sleips
  2. Values

    Brewing Guide

    Try it out and see. Comes out to 1% higher overall if using LKH over VH (since VH is only +0.4% over LKH) with the 77 str setup. Many people would gladly save the ~110+ million it'd cost to buy the VH over the LKH if they knew the VH was only 0.4% more instead of 0.8% more, especially if they can actually pull off +0.6% through stat optimization instead of spending any money.
  3. Values

    TalonRO's Calculator Project

    It does not work correctly. For example, if you say that 8 MVP's are hitting you, it does not reduce your FLEE at all. If you try changing it to say that 8 MVP's and 8 normal monsters are hitting you so that it WILL reduce your flee by 60%, it also hits your DEF by an extra 16 because it thinks that the 8 normal != the 8 MVP's. It also incorrectly reduces FLEE for Thief-related classes (also: Monks, and SuperNovices due to Dodge/Improved Dodge). The above means that if you are a SinX with +40 flee from Improved Dodge, have 400 FLEE and have 3 mobs on you, the correct calculation should be 360 - 10% = 324 FLEE + 40 FLEE from skills = 364 FLEE. Instead, the calculator just does 400 * 0.9 = 360 FLEE, which is off by 4 FLEE. In addition, certain cards still need adding. Like Angra Mantis Card (ID#4513)
  4. Values

    Brewing Guide

    As an FYI to anyone who reads this guide: 99 str with 36 dex is not the correct stat spread for optimizing crafting. The proper spread is 77 str with 99 dex. The "why" I will leave as an exercise for the reader.
  5. Values

    need advice

    1. He could be playing RO for 15 years and still be new to forums, and bashing him on forum etiquette is pathetic when this forum gets 1 new post a day or less. I'd wager the first page of this forum goes back to 2017. How sad are you that you're going to whine that someone is "spamming" a forum when they are literally the only person doing anything to make it alive? 2. He's obviously new based on the fact that he has one character at level 91 and doesn't even know where to level. What are you not getting here? 3. 90% of you guys that responded are 100% useless. He literally asked "Where is the best place to level solo?" and like 6 of you replied with places that involved parties -- Gramps quest, Odin, and others. If you're not even going to read a post fully and give an actual response before bitching about someone "spamming" the forums, YOU'RE the problem.
  6. Values

    need advice

    If you aren't extremely well-geared, I'd suggest hitting up Goats. Their EXP is good, only 25 MDEF, and take 200% from cold damage. They're passive, too, which is nice. If you grab 2x Siroma Cards (worth like less than 1mil each) in some clips, you'll cast cold bolt 50% faster and it'll deal 50% more damage, which means you'll be able to walk around 1-shotting these guys with like a 1-2 second cast level 4 cold bolt even with no other gear. I know you said you don't care about "farming" right now, but Goats also give good money: their 100%-drop Antelope Horns sell to other players for like ~1k zeny each due to being used in Eden Group Quests for free EXP, and the Antelope Skins can be sold to other players for like 4k-5k each due to being used in SQI stuff. You can actually make some VERY good money killing goats -- killing about 400 of them would pay off the 2x Siroma clips, and you could probably do that in an hour or less. You can solo at High Orcs doing Frost Diver + Jupitel Thunder for decent EXP. I leveled to 99 on an old 3/3/3 this way as a Wizard, though admittedly it got pretty painful after 96-97. The siroma crap works here, too. Their drops are basically worthless, though, and that map can get very mobby because tRO doubled its spawn rate. If you're more geared you'll have more options, but these are the places I'd suggest for the undergeared. Spoken like a dude who is in a forum that actually gets more than one post per day. "Quick, this guy is new! Let's bitch about everything he's doing wrong although it impacts literally nobody!"
  7. Values

    Any oldschool players?

    Yeah. XaosRO was really great. I loved that place. There are certain things I love about tRO and certain things I loved about XaosRO. I like the MVP card system we've got here, but I wish there were more stuff like the Maya Purple Card. Back in XaosRO, I found a Phreeoni Card at one point and was able to sell it for like 150m to -- I think his name was Kaiser -- he was an LK/one of the richest dudes on the server and the leader of the main WoE guild. That's on a server where Raydric cards were ~20m and you were rich if you had half of that. I always wish tRO had some kind of balance with MVP cards, like naturally-found MVP cards being allowed in Vanilla WoE to actually give the real Vanilla experience where you'd OCCASIONALLY run into that God among men, or naturally-found MVP cards being their pre-tRO changed versions (esp. with regards to RSX). But that's all in the past now. No other server compares to tRO anymore, so you take the bad with the good (and there's far more good). Good to see another ex-Xaos'er here.
  8. Values

    fastest place to lvl to 99 as knight

    I leveled like 3 diff chars to lv99 in sleepers. If you focus on the exp, it feels slow and suddenly wow, 10m in great natures. If you focus on the money, feels slow until wow, I'm 98.5. Kinda the best of both. Can't imagine hitting 99 in orc dungeon 2 like someone suggested here. It would take 4x as much time and you'd have almost no money for it.
  9. Values

    Assassin vs Rogue cheap farmer

    Always so strange to me that people hate necro posts so much. Yeah, it isn't ideal, but this forum gets like 5 new posts per day in total. New players are showing up and injecting life into it. They don't know forums very well, so they make mistakes like this. And instead of people being helpful and also correcting them for the future, you just get 20 people joining in to go "HUR HUR THIS POST IS FROM 205 BC." Who gives a shit how old the post is? Help the new guy out and THEN tell him to make a new thread in the future. @Nei-Jay If you want to know what's cheaper for a new player between Stalker and SinX, it's generally Stalker. You get autosteal and can worry less about that, and Intimidation is great when you can't afford a teleport clip yet (especially when you want to keep your weight limit usage down by not bringing many fly wings). If you do go Assassin, I'd recommend going to Hill Wings and mobbing them with a Katar of Quaking (price of around 1mil). You should be able to pull in around 1-2mil per hour for a while to fund an Ice Pick or Weeder Knife, depending on where you want to go from there. If you go Stalker, I'd recommend going Verits around the same time. Immortal Hearts sell to other players for ~1k each, their card is used for Sleipnir (you can save it or sell it for around ~4-5m, and they're in the TamTam Gift Region this month (so you get extra copper/bronze coins for being there). Again, you do this until you get enough money to afford Ice Pick/Weeder Knife, depending on goals. Good luck!
  10. Values

    Export "Storage Search" to CSV

    Sounds good. Rework the panel? Any details on this? I think you just put out the new panel last year, right? It's been awesome so far. Anything I'm missing?
  11. Values

    Export "Storage Search" to CSV

    The Storage Search is probably my favorite new(-ish) feature on the site by a good margin. Problem for me is that my Storage Search comes with dozens of pages even after sorting them into 100 lines per page. There's no feasible way for me to go through this on the regular to look for good deals or tidy it up, short of making a script to webscrape the data and pull it down into a CSV file and parse it from there. The same is true (but to a much lesser need) for whobuy shops and the "export to PDF" option (except in this case, it's a PDF->CSV converter). It would be great if these, or particularly Storage Search, could have "Export to CSV" downloaders.
  12. Values

    Where to find old announcements?

    That's right! I think I actually was playing at the time and I remember this change now that you mention it. Thanks Boreas. A shame to hear the notes from that old period were all lost. I believe late 2015 was around the you guys upgraded the forums, so I can't complain.
  13. Values

    need some opinion and solution :D

    If I were to start new and was broke, I'd go pantie+undershirt (total of ~80k) straight to dragon set (~7.5m) with nothing in between.
  14. I quit a few years ago. I was reading some old threads about a Kaahi nerf in 2015 and I was interested in where it was. So I tracked it down to some time in July 2015. I find a likely thread: And it's just got a dead link to where the update used to be. Where can I find these patch notes?
  15. Values

    B> Several

    Buying the following: Bris[Ifrit] +7 Round Buckler[GTB]/+7 Stone Buckler[GTB] Fortune Sword PM here or mail in-game: far2ez