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  1. image.png.e547dedf9c35fa8544af2fbaad62f961.png

    Aย Haunted House! A social, horror story telling event where players take part in solving the mystery and identifying spirits based on their own investigations.

    Join GM Mikzie and I as we go on a paranormal adventure with different stories to tell and various twists!

    Server Date and Time :ย TBD

  2. Sorry guys! To those who were planning to attend Alura's Haunted House tonight I apologize deeply. We have decided to push it back until further notice. In the meantime enjoy Talon's Halloweenย event! I'll definitely let you all know of all upcoming changes and keep an eye out for the schedule.ย 

    Thank you!

    GM Alura

  3. (glances at our names and character appearances) ... This might get a little confusing ^^;;

    Welcome to the talonro team!! I like your name /rice

    1. GM Alura

      GM Alura

      Thank you!! I appreciate the warm welcomes and I definitely love your name! It's so aluring.../gg

    2. Aluria
    3. DeliciousGreenApple


      Reported for GM impersonationย ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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