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  1. GM Zelda BR confirmed Holy shit @Freljord Ashe thats made with no heat whatsoever? wow never knew.. seems great to do with kids good job! @Bababoowee Yours look so tasty! im hungry @_@ Thanks for joining! ~Azey
  2. Deadline is Jan 19th. I also had fun doing it. I also worked hard on it. please don't put me down
  3. ~Azey's TalonRO 2020 Holiday Cooking Contest Entry Payon Field Strawberry Tart Story Time: Azey’s Regret Payon Field Strawberry Tart Mommy’s Recipe with an Azey twist Ingredients: Making Topping: Strawberry Runny Jam Making Creamy Filling: Baking Tart Crust: Avengers ASSEMBLE! let's put it all together I hope you enjoy my recipe! ^-^ Here are the GM Challenges I picked: GM Spica – my recipe is def not for lactose intolerants. GM Lance – ok, its a tart not a pie. But its close enough. I gotta Shoot my Shot x_x GM Alisa – In Game instructions: Enjoy! And so I don’t get disqualified, he’s a Pic with the leftovers and my ign on it (yes, I forgot, and I served before posting) Happy Holidays, ~Azey ... and here are some bugged duplicate pictures i couldn't remove: please disregard lmao (first forum post, couldn't figure this out)
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