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  1. IGN: Vivienne~ IGN: Yunja Together as One Yunja and i met a couple weeks ago in one of GM Alura's Events.. Days go by and she is always there at Alura's events and so am i. Literally every single one from start to finish so we became familiar with each other.. Well me being the lazy bum that i am.. im always just afk in Prontera across from the Reward Guru and whenever Yunja gets bored she will always find me there and sit with me everyday, We start talking more and more and we realize that our personality and humor are pretty much the same so our friendship did not take much at all to grow so big. Funny thing is that Yunja lives literally on the opposite side of the world from me, but she's always there staying up chatting with me even though its like 5am for her lol The reason why i took the photo in this location is because even though we are literally on the opposite sides of the Earth.. TalonRO is the one Dimension where our paths can cross and we can feel like we are together as one and distance does not mean anything in our friendship.. and to be quite honest.. I'm not saying its because we're both snipers but..... i think we hit a bullseye on this friendship. ...and if you're reading this Yunja, whether we Win or Lose this event.. I already feel like a winner for having you as a friend.
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