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  1. IGN: Kitasinx, lv98 Assassin Cross "Death. It’s something so far from you, something you wouldn’t think of, something that doesn’t relate with you or your friends or your family. Something that will happen, but in a very distant future. Something that suddenly hits people around you in ways you can’t understand and won’t accept. It takes away everyone, it grabs out your friends one by one and takes your entire family leaving you alone, an empty man filled with pain and sorrow. An empty soul with no more reason to live. How can you go on? I’ve tried. I’ve tried so hard. I’ve searched for a meaning in all this, left alone and lost in the darkest side of my life, wandering around dead bodies and demons, slaughtering whatever crossed my way. There was only blood and despair in my eyes, my heart was empty and so was my soul, I thought I was lost forever. Then I saw her. She came to me. She found me in all of this madness, she found me covered in blood and pain surrounded by dead bodies. She wasn’t afraid of me, she didn’t run away, she held out her hand to me. That was the moment I realized there was still a path for me, there was a way out from the hell I was living for years. I was not alone anymore, I knew she could help me, I saw hope in her eyes and a warm feeling pervaded me. She was Death and I’ve embraced her." Original screenshot:
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