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  1. heh...playing on server with rates 5x5x3, with current rates of 8x8x3 and asking for more? go and play some highrate
  2. I've thought more like price increase for quest items and TC's ... little boost to economy
  3. it'll help the economy many people now will start NW quest chain, and some of them will remove one S card, it'll increase demand for TC's
  4. now the hell with exchanging DBSS, etc will start (for queen scaraba card)
  5. one more question, as we are on some kind of "fancy new CSS3 and jQuery tricks" would it be possible to add in "Game Account Management" option to DELETE account ? reason: (speaking for my self) I have some testing accounts, that are now useless and want to get rid of them (or hide, if delete is not possible) - I don't want to see them, they make only confusion now)
  6. want to ask... Boreas yesternight wrote something about voting points, that points from 2 corrupted sites have been redistrubuted between active ones but how I calculate, it's still 17 points per 6 as month before... or is it just not written there? eighter way, it'll be vissible on voting goal, as last 2 weeks we were doing 4 - 4.5k votes per day...
  7. however, these exp are not as they should be, they are aprox. one half less as per table (instead of 200K you get 120k)... tested on sharp leafs
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