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  1. There were times, when Eske was used to kill Valkyria using Paladin's Shield Reflect...on some servers it was the only way hot to kill it, when earthquake was introduced (no fancy SQI / GTB stuff).
  2. Are we allowed to change the client (*.grf or *.exe files) in order to remove screen shaking when using skills (Meteor Storm, Hammerfall, Critical Explosioin, Lord of Vermilion, etc.)??
  3. Hado Hado...don't be afraid to say my name he is right, there was a penalty after 5 s inactivity, so leechers asked leeches to first-aid-spam I know that as well, cause I leeched my 10 chars in abbey and was forced to alt+tab during killing necros, was quite annoying... during the xmas time we've tested it with Howrah, cause I found it suspicious, that my LK being leeched was receiving 198k ext from necros without FA spam, next day Hado tested it and re-confirmed there were some topic on old forum because of this
  4. Ramesses

    Czech Republic

    myslimm, ze tam moze naberat kazdy, tak ak, tak len pisni spravu ak zbadas cierno-zlte logo
  5. man...I miss there the ensemble skill music of Loki's veil but this version:
  6. Ramesses

    Brewing Guide

    is the quagmire at PvP stuff works with marrionette for breewing?
  7. Ramesses


    bought, 4.5m
  8. Ramesses


    B> Coronet (Mistress drop 2.5%) Estimated price ~4m https://panel.talonro.com/itemdb/2249/
  9. Ramesses

    Rate your leecher!

    Date of leech: 14th October, 2015 Name of leecher: abstrong Price and Duration: 4m / h Map of Leech: Odin 3 Experience Gained: 79 -> 99 Experience Details: Rate 8/8/3, Exp Shoes (Christmas Cookie Card) provided Please rate the following on a scale of 1-5 (5 being the best): Friendliness: 5 -- Professionalism: 5 -- Clear and fast, perfect ! Effectiveness: 5 -- Duration as annouced ( ~2h ) General Questions: Would you recommend this leecher to others?: Yes, no question about it! Do you feel like it was worth your time/money?: yes, 110%. Additional comments: Adequate for lazy players as me
  10. as written if You want more exp also by killing the slaves, then You have to go lower with INT (~120) with 135 - 140 INT You should kill necros with 4 waves from Your ME, but You will loose the slave exp https://calc.talonro.com/?caxbLbiababaObJbHabajaakBaaaaaaaaae5aaaaaaaaahkaawkb5uweRclnDgwfjbHfGfalTaaeeeeaefaakbkkaaaaaiaabaaacuaaaaHaRaa it depends on Your playstyle in the end, the difference between killing the mobs first and killing the necros only is not as big, as expected You will still do ~80 - 90 m exp / hour (when not many walking parties and good respawn) edit: from my experience, I do more exp when I kill the mobs as well, not necros only, also I'm not a victim of necro's debuf due to high VIT
  11. with this build You can kill necro mobs before necro dies (more exp gain, slower leeching) https://calc.talonro.com/?caxbLbiababbgbJbnaeajaakBaaaaaaaaae5aaaaaaaaahkaawkb5uweRclnDgwfjbHfGfalTaaeeeeaefaakbkkaaaaaiaabaaacuaaaaHaRaa You can also increase INT by 5 point and reduce VIT and luk accordingly, but it will reduce Your survivability
  12. current price is 65k (not by me) what is real price, as currently it's needed for some event, but no one's buying at that price? what price should I set?
  13. I'm selling for 6.2k / piece but I see some people are selling with a lot higher prices (15k+). don't want to ruin the market (and my bussiness 3:-) ) what is the price for Flame Heart?
  14. last sentence...good point
  15. black cat, cold heart, luna kalet, sprint armor, shoes, ring, angelic rings (they are very nice ), naga shields, armors, dragon vest, bradium rings, shields (again, very nice shields), bradium (for quests, SQI) and scaraba for exp and getting used to party lvling Hardrock Mammoth, Tendrilion what You said about not worthy? edit: if he want's to go there with guildies, they most probably have SB mont or another tank and insect / brute reduction shield is not that difficult to obtain
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