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  1. IGN - Sal Brielle "I stole Mavka's and Sleeper's passport! No summer vacation for them this year! " "Summer is coming!" "The Summer's Snow - Geffenia's Fireflies" "Lazy Afternoons~" "The Box" "What if Betty and Guru ...." "An old money family going to the beach"
  2. Sal the Blind Once upon a time, at Talon Museum. In a room filled with white-light flowers. “What about this one, Sir?” you asked politely. Tam-Tam the Curator smiled. Both of you stood facing an old and small painting of Lord Knight. A Lord Knight in battle mode. A lone guardian of his broken tree house. “His name is Sal Brielle, that Lord Knight,” Tam-Tam answered. “And, actually, he’s not a real Lord Knight. Great War orphaned Sal. Then, Sal himself decided to live far away from civilization. He loyally defending his solitude, the untouch part of m
  3. Hello, how are you? So, to submit an entry, all I have to do is reply here? Thank you.
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