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  1. Gawk

    Stat Saver

    There is another thread with similar content and status 'Pending'. Maybe it's implemented but not launched yet.
  2. Gawk

    Desire (Vanilla WoE Trans SE)

    That would be nice, WoE needs people urgently all woes are dead at the moment.
  3. Gawk

    Grape Juice 168z (Social/PvM/Parking Lot/AFK)

    new NT woe guild detected
  4. Gawk

    Sqi bonus devo pala

    take the Indestructible bonus
  5. Gawk

    Desire (Vanilla WoE Trans SE)

    The guild is taking a break while Vanilla Trans WoE scene is unactive on sundays.
  6. Gawk

    Allow non trans at Thanatos Tower

    @GM Boreas Possible benefits with this restriction removed: Can be more attractive to players especially for newbies to make parties to climb thanatos tower; Another place to go other than mainstreams Odin and Abbey. Doing search on google I found no motivation or reason why this restriction was made, seems like it was just a restriction made at the launch of the tower and never touched anymore: Biolab F3 have similar restriction (only 95+ non trans or 90+ trans allowed) and it is easy to understand why because it is a very hard dungeon, but Thanatos Tower is not hard like that. The unique mention I found at iRO wiki about this restriction is that only transcendent class have "access to the upper levels of Thanatos Tower". Source: https://irowiki.org/wiki/Transcendent Just a little change that can help a lot inthe game environment. Bonus: I found this source code of eathena code which point where this restriction is located. Hope it helps something. tha_t06,119,120,0 script thana6-7 45,1,1,{ if (((Upper == 1) && ((Class > Job_Thief_High) && (Class < Job_Baby))) || (((Class == Job_Gunslinger) || (Class == Job_Ninja) || (BaseClass == Job_Taekwon)) && (BaseLevel >= 95))) { warp "thana_step",69,369; end; } else { mes "^3355FFAn overwhelming force"; mes "acts against you, preventing"; mes "you from proceeding this way...^000000"; close; } } Source: https://github.com/eathena/eathena/blob/master/npc/quests/thana_quest.txt (Lines 2593-2604) Screenshot of the restriction at TalonRO:
  7. Gawk

    Allow non trans at Thanatos Tower

    There is an original ragnarok restriction at the Thanatos Tower door on floor 6 leading to floor 7 that prevents non-trans and extended classes from passing. I suggest to remove this restriction.
  8. Gawk

    Nameless quest glitched

    can you go rsanc until last floor? are you sure?
  9. Gawk

    Question - MVP Timer

    There is no such thing here, but if you get Bonus Bundle you can receive an announcement when an MVP is killed and on which map it's killed. https://wiki.talonro.com/Bonus_Bundle
  10. Gawk

    Paladin for PvP vanilla

    this build is OK but I would rather prioritize DEX instead of VIT/HP (IC if can) for devotion Vanilla woe because phen card doesn't work and you may need to constantly redevo your allies because they can be targeted by Dispell. On garment, I would use Raydric or Noxious Card instead of Aliot Card to give more resistance. So, my build would be: Top: Ramen Hat Mid: Robo Eye Armor: any slotted DEX+3 armor [Marc / Evil Druid Card] Weapon: Mysteltainn with DEX enchant Shield: any shield [Thara Frog / Horn Card]: as @Spankerman mentioned, Valk Shield is expensive but is the best you can have Garment: any garment [Raydric / Noxious Card]: I recommend Diablos Manteau for more neutral resistance Footgear: Enhanced Variant Shoes [Green Ferus Card] Accessories: Orlean's Gloves [Zerom Card] x2
  11. Gawk

    Fala rapaziada

    tem BRs sim, mas a maioria esta espalhado jogando com gringos
  12. Gawk

    Desire (Vanilla WoE Trans SE)

    WoE guild focused in Vanilla WoE Trans on sundays from 04:00 to 05:00 server time. New or veterans WoE players are welcome! Guild leader: @Gawk Save point: El Dicastes Discord server: https://discord.gg/9kzXp28 Let's RöK!
  13. Class: Paladin/Stalker Sorry for my bad video editing skills. 😫
  14. Gawk

    Quagmire vs MVP Agi up

    Based on my personal experience against MVPs: Quagmire does not debuff MVP AGI UP, it just reduce its movement speed and remove Two Hand Quicken or Adrenaline Rush. The MVP AGI UP skill doubles the MVP Flee and it cannot be reduced/removed by Quagmire, but can be removed by Dispell.
  15. Gawk

    Mob/Monster Counter

    I think he wants a command similar to !expcount command, but for counting mobs when you farm rare items.