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  1. Gawk

    Desire (WoE/PvM)

    recruiting guildmembers for WoE and PvM
  2. Gawk

    Desire (WoE/PvM)

    Now Desire is also a pvm/social guild.
  3. Gawk

    Desire (WoE/PvM)

    UP Discord link: https://discord.gg/n6P2Jkf Recruiting any class regardless of woe experience.
  4. Gawk

    Desire (WoE/PvM)

    Well played, Desire. Thanks LHZ and Grape Juice for coming. @realica999 enter our discord https://discord.gg/n6P2Jkf and leave a message
  5. Pets in BG don't lose intimacy if you die.
  6. just to remember this topic is not about PVM. It's about BG (a specific PVP vanilla mode). I'm sorry but what you said about sniper make little sense at BG at least to me.
  7. Gawk

    Desire (WoE/PvM)

    Well done guys!! Well played!! Thanks Lighthazen for coming!!
  8. this grape juice is too expensive S> grape juice 1z cheaper than @Nonoko-chan 😝
  9. Gawk

    Desire (WoE/PvM)

    Join Desire to fight against all grape juice and lighthazen!!! Need pala, prof, soul linker
  10. update: Added 20 BG Traps for Sniper
  11. Gawk

    Desire (WoE/PvM)

    Recruiting: Devo Paladin, Support Soul Linker, Support HP, FS Prof
  12. Gawk

    Desire (WoE/PvM)

    thanks, see you next sunday @legiondeath
  13. Gawk

    Desire (WoE/PvM)

    Recruitment open. Need Devo Paladins, Soul Linkers and High Priests.
  14. Create a Vanilla PVP room with gvg mapflag. What is gvg mapflag? It is an option set to a map that turn the mechanics to WoE (War of Emperium) alike - https://irowiki.org/wiki/War_of_Emperium#Mechanics Motivation: The current Vanilla PVP rooms does not have the same penalties that BG (Battlegrounds) and WoE have (20% reduced flee, 50% less damage from skills, 25% less damage from long range normal attacks, etc). In this new room, the players can test their builds before they step in BG and WoE and know if are good enough or need to improve. Examples: How much damage my Double Strafe is dealing against a player using Thara Frog Card? And against a player using Horn Card? Can my paladin tank Asura?
  15. @ValheruWolf Use only for switch. You equip to Agi Up yourself and then back to Kaho. You can put on your hotkey bar.
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