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  1. Hi, @grgam. You need to hit the marine spheres, then after a few seconds they gonna explode.
  2. I think this not just a problem for stalker, If players could use skills inside the preparation area would solve this problem
  3. Please, If possible.. Almost crafted by accident...
  4. Gawk

    PvP Room with GVG Mapflag

    It would still be useful for players to experience the unique WoE mechanics, like bragi cooldown reduction (20% more in gvg maps) and the "no knockback" feature. Although the damage numbers can't be seen, the players can use dual client or ask friends to tell them the damage numbers.
  5. Yes. I think you should submit a report in https://forum.talonro.com/support/. Don't forget to post evidence (video or screenshots). By the way, this map is a common place for AFKmist leveling as well as Orc Dungeon Floor 1. But, if they are all the same player (dual client) and if they are hogging all the mobs, then it's against the rule as stated in https://panel.talonro.com/rules/:
  6. Gawk

    Lightning Bolt Card

    Miming Card Type: Accessory Card Reduce Casting Time of Lightning Bolt by 25%; inflict 25% more damage with Lightning Bolt. Dropped by: Miming Source:
  7. While you don't have gears yet, i recommend play with a support class like priest, bard, dancer or soul linker. The problem playing as soul linker in BG is that if you are not linked, you will be limited to use spirit buffs to your teammates. I personally think priest as a better choice in general than soul linker, but that's just my opinion. just play whatever you feel confortable.
  8. What are you talking about?? Wizard Spirit is really useful in WoE, not only because of gemstone, but the other effect: "Prevents the target from taking damage from reflected magic via Kaite at cost of a Crystal Fragment from the target's inventory" Bard/Dancer Spirit is really powerful too, same as Kaupe and Kaite skills. They are most useful in WoE.
  9. Gawk

    Desire (BR Guild)

    add me on discord: Gawk#7440
  10. Guys i want to help with the calculator. What do i need to do? Just take an issue, code it up and submit a pull request?
  11. I think in this situation you can either choose between attack the enemy MVP or protect the ally MVP / neutral flag. Suppose you have only magic damage on your team, so you cannot damage the Valkyrie MVP because she is immune to magic. A good strategy for this team is, after defeat RSX MVP and Gloom MVP, ignore Valkyrie MVP and go try defend the ally mvp / neutral flag as much as possible.
  12. use a lower level of the skill
  13. When trying to convert TCash into TCoin, if you input some invalid value (not a multiple of 100), the error message is not intuitive. And I've already seen many players asking for help on discord or even opening a bug report on forum: https://forum.talonro.com/bugtracker/gamebugreports/talon-cash-to-coin-conversion-r1390 My suggestion is to complement the message to a more intuitive, clarifying: Currrent: "Are you trying to fool me?" Suggested: "Are you trying to fool me? Only a value multiple of 100 are allowed (100, 200, etc)."
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