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  1. Which box give the beach manteau[1] and beach sandals? Pro, Basic or none? I really want those
  2. Least favorite: Rush Based on my own experience, historically here in TalonRO the teams rarely can defend the castle, so i'ts common that both teams avoid taking the castle first. The players usually sit near the emperium and wait a few minutes until the match timeout, which I think it's boring. Most favorite: Triple Inferno The map is so small that let you focus more on the battle than walking a long path here and there.
  3. Gawk

    Desire (BR Guild)

    semi-ativa manda mensagem no discord
  4. There is also Naga Scale Armor[1]: +20 ATK bonus chance everytime you attack.
  5. That's the normal behavior. When you type @autotrade it will automatically close the client but your character will stay online with the vending.
  6. The biggest advantage of a LK in BG is the peco peco (my opinion) good in maps like Capture de Flag or Stone Control. But if you really want to impact as LK you need to invest more money than other classes, because as LK you need to be tanky and lethal at the same time. Anyway i'm a noob as LK. I suggest you ask around to players that already play as LK in BG for more detailed tips.
  7. to get the bayani's, I don't know exactly but I think is related to the Buwaya instance in Port Malaya. Whitesmith, champion and melee classes in general face the same problems here in Talonro.
  8. I don't think diablos manteau is a good choice for a DD bio unless you use for tanking asura, sacrifice paladins (melee classes in general) in BG (assuming you put a raydric card on it). Proxy is also not a good choice because here in TalonRO it is nerfed (only 3% elemental reduction instead of its original 7%). Assuming you aiming a DD bio for WoE Vanilla I suggest one of these garments: dragon manteau[1] (5 MDEF), beach manteua[1] (1 INT and 10% fire damage reduction) or bayani's buwaya skin clothes[1] (7% water, earth, fire and wind damage reduction). Good card options are: Noxious card (10% long-range magic or physical damage reduction) Jakk Card (30% fire damage reduction)
  9. Bom dia, agora usamos o nome de Desire. Apenas alguns poucos players continuam jogando. Se tiver interesse em participar, usamos esse discord: https://discord.gg/MNDj4MU
  10. marc is also very useful against many MVPs (garm, ktullanux, kraken, naght seiger) you are also forgetting fire element armor, it's useful against some MVPs (Ifrit, detale, gloom) wind element armor is useful for tanking LoV/JT and also reduces damage from water property attacks (not as much as water element armor but a considerable amount) tao gunka is good only if you are a paladin
  11. Join the best guild!! Join reIgnite!! Bump!
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