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  1. Gawk

    How to get MTR results to diagnose lag

    I am from Brazil. Since a week ago i started to lag. My latency used to be 152ms but now is 195ms.
  2. Gawk

    Trans WoE SE with Poring 24/06/2018

    @Xqst join woe as DLP
  3. Gawk

    Trans WoE FE with RA 06/06/2018

    thanks 😁
  4. Gawk

    Trans WoE FE with RA 06/06/2018

    What songs did you use in the video, @Ayana?
  5. Gawk

    Vanilla / Trans - WoE / PvP Consumables?

    @Milo since meat isn't allowed to use in vanilla woe/pvp, spring rabbit card is not recommeded. @Xqst aloe leaflet market price is around 2.5k while Piece of Cake is a bit cheaper, so better use cakes
  6. Gawk

    Crash ao iniciar

    1. não teria também um arquivo chamado rdata.grf na sua pasta do iRO? 2. vc instalou Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2008 e Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2012?
  7. Gawk

    Battlegrounds | Beta Feedback

    I have participated on both beta tests and this is my feedback: - Repair/Healing NPC: the npc on the second test seems really better compared to the previous one. - Free For All mode: there is a bug at respawn point were players could attack their own team mates and homunculus each other (already mentioned by other users before). - Return Room: When I was playing as Sniper on Team Death Match mode, I noticed that I could use Ankle Snare skill inside Return Room and I accidentally got trapped myself. Well, that was not a big problem because it only has made me immovable for a few seconds. But I was wondering if others skills like Demonstration from Biochemist can be used there and if someone uses it, then after you respawn with low hp you gonna keep dying over and over inside Return Room due to Demonstration on the floor, and maybe never get back to Arena again. I suggest, if you can get hit by Demonstration from your own team mate in Return Room, then the use of Demonstration skill could be blocked in this place. - Triple Inferno mode: Poor sorting algorithm, 2 biochemists in one team, while other teams had no biochemist. Also I think these new BG modes will turns BG really fun compared to what it was before. I hope that BG can be launched on main server soon.
  8. Gawk

    Windows 10 can't play?

    @Beto Filgueiras do you have installed Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable and Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 Redistributable? You need both of them installed.
  9. Gawk

    Sobre o server

    Sim, existe um delay para o Brasil pois o servidor está hospedado nos EUA, mas dá para jogar sem problemas. Meu ping geralmente fica em torno de 180ms.
  10. Gawk

    uma nova pessoa velha

    Bem vindo(a) de volta! o/
  11. Non-trans WoE recruitment is open? I wanna join as wizard on sunday NT WoE.