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  1. I checked, I also did not receive anything yet. Give the GMs some time
  2. Comodo Beach Sniper Selfie IGN: Hungry
  3. TalonCat

    B> Sleipnir Eddga

    Hey everyone, I am buying Sleipnir [Eddga]. Please leave your price below
  4. I am interested in the servie -I sent Khrei a pm. I wait for you reply - thank you 🙂
  5. Dear TalonTeam, I want to suggest that the creamy card would just directly warp you randomly without the need to hit enter after activating the skill. Similar to fly wings just with sp consumtion. After farming for hours for cards or items, it feels a bit torture to always hit enter. Also, I just have one option to choose anyways after activating the skill, so maybe reducing it by one step would be no issue and a better gaming experience for all users :) Thank you!
  6. Woww, thank you for choosing my art!^^ I am happy to share my art as a loading screen All others did an awesome job! I am looking forward for the next art contest here on TalonRo to see more of my fellows illustrations! 😝✌️
  7. IGN: Hungry Title: Kafra & Co Summer Vacation ☀ GM Haru Challenge: Rising Sun +2 - Include an oriental summer accent in your design. ☀ GM Lance Challenge: Aqua Extravaganza +2 - Bring your summer palette to the sea shores! I had a lot of fun creating these sweet lines! Enjoy the summer view! 😁 From Left to right: Happy Mastering, Dancing Deviruchi (excited with tropical banana), Sad Muka (because of broken safety ring), TalonRo-Raccon with hungry Karakasa Umbrella, Sweet Kafra Girl with Ice Cream & Chilling Galapago
  8. hehe thank you for your praise 😝 I would be happy to transform your char into my vector shapes! Let me know when you are ready for the clean lines 😁
  9. Welcome to the Simple Shapes & Vector Shop! Shop Status: OPEN Available slots for request: 1. FREE 2. FREE 3. FREE You enjoy clean and simple artwork? Congratulation, you are in the right place! I sell avatars / profile art mostly in 1080x1080 format. To preserve the fancy vector shape quality, I will format the finished art in PNG. For my work I exclusively use Adobe Illustrator. Payment: - Single half body character avatar for 30 mil zeny / 30 Talon Coins each. Preview of some of my artwork: How it works: If you are interested, please PM me your request or post it below this topic! You can provide me the following informations, if you want to see your character in vector style 😛 Once I confirmed your request, please sent me the payment before. Payments are required FIRST before I start on ANY commission! Please send the payment to: Hungry I will insert you into a free slot and try to finish your vector as soon as possible 👻 Thank you for reading! I am looking forward to brighten your day with some simple shapes! 😝
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