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  1. Sniper (Evelynn~) or High Wizard (Amethyst*)
  2. Quick question, is the event on Sunday July 21st or is it on Saturday the 20th??? The flyer says Saturday the 21st, but this Saturday is the 20th.... Just wanted to make sure. 😃
  3. Sniper (Evelynn~) or HW (Amethyst*) - I do prefer sniper please
  4. I think most of the items are still on there. So far I have had: Pantie -2 Fancy Flower -1 Sardonyx -2 Prickly fruit (red and green) -20 each Also Dyanne is now named Lillian but is on the same map (cmd_fld09) and appears the same. The npc's that I have found that are still the same are: Ulmer, Grant, Mason, Dyanna, Malin, Lian, Ashley, and Capri Monsters I have killed are the same, I haven't run into anything different there.
  5. I don't know about the majority, but I have a large difference in the amount of paints and ribbons. I have about 10 times more paints than ribbons. Is there any way we can get an exchange NPC to balance it out? It doesn't have to be a 1:1 exchange rate either (but that'd be super sweet ).
  6. IGN: SnowAngel Challenge: GM Elixia - Nature's Wroth Cosplay: Hocus Pocus Sisters - from left to right Mary, Winifred, and Sarah
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