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  1. I will be uploading at 25mbps if anyone needs some download speed. Will do this for a few days.
  2. Wheres your screenshot? In that case, IM THE REAL FIRST HUUEHUEHUE Context: CREEPY IGN: Goshujin
  3. 1,000 clicks exactly. LOL how lucky ign: Goshujin
  4. Theres a few ways to gain extra clicks. Right click works and so does tapping your laptop sensor mousepad thing. So you could use two hands and get 800+ clicks easy.
  5. Good thing I've already submitted my two!
  6. 0001 is the first update to quest log 0002 is the second update to the quest log 0003 is the third... well.. you see where I'm going with this right? So for example... 0001 would say something like 'I've started the quest, now I need to do Objective A" 0002 would say something along the lines of "Objective A has been finished, now to Objective B" etcetc You put # at the end of your sentences. EDIT: Almost done with Koneko Hat rough draft. EDIT2: Done with Koneko Hat quest.
  7. I would like to call dibs on Koneko Hat (ID #5372) and Hyuke's Black Cat Ears (ID #8202) I have a rough draft of Hyuke's Black Cat Ears done, I'll get the rough draft for Koneko Hat next.
  8. I thought it was today so I tried extra hard
  9. Calm down they're just ideas
  10. Ideas: GH Churchyard should have a vendor block thingy like in GH Prison Instead of 2 vendors per map per ip, it should be 2 vendors per ip server wide
  11. We were just having some fun in pvp when he accidently hit the red button. IGN: Goshujin
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