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  1. TalonRO's Winter Lottery

    Awwie got beat by A few sec Dx Hope to be fast enough for the next lottery.
  2. TalonRO's Winter Lottery

    Me! Me! :Q 4 IGN : *Jin*
  3. Draw The Character Above You!

    Aww thank you so much ! <3 I've been stalking this topic too when i first saw it xD .
  4. Draw The Character Above You!

    Aww thanks for drawing Jin ! I love it !
  5. Draw The Character Above You!

    You can call dips first incase if your worried of someone taking it , But its up to you ! Usually i'll just do it without Dips first and pray that no one else took it but if they did i wouldn't mind either way haha.
  6. Draw The Character Above You!

    Seeing that no one has drawn @Bill's cute alchemist yet , i decided to gave it a go ! Since you did not mention any specific eye color , i decided to give her a gold-ish brown eye or so , i find it most fitting for her ! If i'm somehow blind and you did mention her eye color i'm very sorry T T , i also feel like the hair doesn't seem to match with the ref pic u_u . But I hope you enjoy her! Here's my character reference for the next artist who's interested ! It was Fun drawing your character ! Oh If you want to download it, you can download it here = > [ https://imgur.com/a/wKHQN ]
  7. Draw The Character Above You!

    OH MY GOD--- !! He looks so good and cute ! , It's fine ! Taking your time is better than rushing it ^ ^ . I really love it especially with the hair ! Thank you for drawing Jin ! I'll be sure to treasure it !
  8. Draw The Character Above You!

    Hello Trisha ! Welcome to TalonRO \o/ ! Thank you for choosing to draw Jin ! He looks great already ! I hope you enjoy drawing him ! I'm looking forward to see the finishing piece
  9. Draw The Character Above You!

    Your welcome ! Hope you enjoy it !
  10. Draw The Character Above You!

    Seeing No one had drawn @Cherrios's Character , i decided to draw her ! Here is Mini Cherrios ! I had fun drawing Her especially the hair , i'm very sorry if i did not color the eye correctly for soft brown . If you would prefer just white BG here is the link ! [ https://imgur.com/a/o40wI ] I hope you like it ! Here's my reference for the next artist ! My Jinnie boi . Hope u will enjoy drawing him !
  11. Draw The Character Above You!

    Oh my gosh !! She's so cute <33 , Thank you for drawing Jane ! I really love it haha , the galapago is also very cute Thank you again for drawing Jane i really love it ! *hugs*
  12. Draw The Character Above You!

    Aww glad you love it ! , haha i had to think more to get that hair color since i don't really color light hair xD light hair is hard to work with for me >< . Yeah it fits her really well in my opinion too ! Usually for me Blue or yellowish gold eyes mix well with light hair characters or angelic ones . Glad you love it again <3 hope to participate again soon .
  13. Draw The Character Above You!

    Decided to join again , to draw since i haven't draw for a few days and had the mood to draw after seeing all those post Here's Penny White @SkyeReed! Since you never mention specific eye color for her or i was just really blind ,so i went and gave her a random color that seems to fit for me . I'm really sorry if the hair doesn't seem to be the same or matches with the Reference ! Its my first time drawing with this hair . Here's my reference of my character for the next Artist who's interested ! I haven't really update Jane's reference properly hopefully i will in the future .
  14. Draw The Character Above You!

    Haha thank you Viki ! I had reasons why i wasn't happy DX such as since i was sick that day i struggled a lot to draw the eyes and was angry >< , and also i would had love to full color it properly but at last i couldn't . Thank You Saen ! i'm really interested in trying to watercolor in reality but i have to buy a new brush if i would want to start practicing xD .
  15. Draw The Character Above You!

    Haha its fine @GM Saen! Since you went and posted first you can post you're reference if you want someone to draw you ! I really love you're illustration of her ! . Here's a headshot piece of @Hell0_Viki's Margareta HP ! I'm not really happy the way i drew her , i could had done better but unlucky me i was sick that day . I'm really sorry if i didn't color her properly If Saen passes it to me for the reference picture then i would like to pass it to someone who wants it . Perhaps i might join again soon to draw more and try out different styles .