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  1. Draw The Character Above You!

    So op !!! *calls nerf officers* jkjk If 1000% everything would be burn into crisp . also 1000 degree card huhu
  2. Draw The Character Above You!

    Whoa!! Its very Creative of you ! I really like it . i wonder what does GUL card gives .
  3. Summer Art Contest: Postcards from TalonRO

    The boreas melon entry gave me the best laugh Here's my Entry ! '' Enjoying the Summer Beach '' Featuring my 3 RO character [one is drowning] I don't know what pose to use for Jin so yeah... IGN : *Jin* Hope its the correct size .
  4. Commission Artwork for @GM Cherri! No Green Words image has been sent by PM ! Thank you for buying
  5. Hello Fumi ! Thanks for the welcome ! Armor is mostly my weakest point to draw , tbh in all my drawings i never draw any armored characters Dx , i mostly like fabrics more than armor , Yeah some armors has a lot of details @_@ , I won't give up no matter what ! i really love drawing as it helps calm my mind [sometimes i rage too] , Thank you for checking and welcoming me ! Welcome ! I'll get started with it soon ! , I'll send u the final art-line and you can tell me to edit if it doesn't look that good !
  6. Oh my Hello Cherri ! i nearly lost hope that no one is going to buy ,and sure thing ! Please Message me the details thank you !
  7. Draw The Character Above You!

    Aww thank you so much for drawing Jane ! I love it the way you drew her is pretty too ! The galapago is so cute too haha ! Thank you .
  8. Draw The Character Above You!

    Hello haha ! Decided to join again because i really like your gyspy design. Its only a clean sketch with her eyes colored . I can't really draw the valkyrie helm , so i went and drew the headband instead. It was my first time drawing a Gyspy job and i really enjoyed it ! If you want to draw my character here is his reference ! You can choose either to sketch/draw these 3! *Onigiri* my ghost boy HP *Jin* Or Jinny as i call him , His my weird duck HP *Jane* , shes Jin's sister . Hope you Enjoy!!
  9. Draw The Character Above You!

    Haha i nearly though of him as a girl before reading the info , thats good that he can both wear male and female clothing XD . Thank you for drawing onigiri again LOL ! I really love it *sends virtual 1000 hearts* It was fun drawing Kumo really like his color haha i enjoyed coloring him!
  10. Draw The Character Above You!

    I choose to draw Kumo because i really like his looks haha.. I actually chose to draw Mad Hatter to draw at first but i couldn't get his expression right so i gave up . It was slightly stressing to draw males again since i haven't drawn them for a week T_T) , but i kept going and i manage to get the result i wanted ! I ended up drawing a semi bust which is fine for me xD . I'm very sorry if he looks too feminine Q_Q , i had to redraw the hair 3 times just to get it similar as the references. Again thank you so much for drawing Onigiri ! and i'm sorry if Kumo looks too girl-like . Likewise i did enjoy drawing him when it came the coloring part . I'll pass my other round again to someone who wants it. Maybe if i have time ill draw them since i like gaining EXP . Total hours : 2-3 . Hope you enjoy the drawing !
  11. Draw The Character Above You!

    I know that feeling when the hat is too big . Oh my gosh! He looks so cute! i really love the whisper on the left and i really love it that you added a slight blush to his face too ! I really love how you drew him , thank you ! and i can also use this as a hair reference too! I hope to see your character info soon so i can repay you !
  12. Hello My name is Jin! Please to meet you ! and welcome to my Art Shop! I am quite new to this whole commission thing , as i might make some mistakes on the info, I decided to open an art shop because i am trying to earn some money to make myself some of my dream SQIs (*^*(d) and to also gain EXP to draw and color better! Please note that i am still a Artist in training so i'm very sorry if the finishing drawings are disappointing !! (_ _(/) Info : --------------------------------- Canvas Size For all : 1000 x 1200 Pixel [it might be re-adjust later on] Head Shot Commission Price will be 15m / 15 TC The BG will only be white due to the fact i suck at drawing BGs The Payment can be Before or After its up to you ! To Mail me the payment please send a mail to *Jin* thank you ! --------------------------------- If Your interested in buying please comment or Message me the info ! --------------------------------- 1) Send me your character reference such as [Eye color , perhaps hair color also , along with the gear information] 2) If you or someone had drawn your character before especially the hair please do send it to me as i will use it as reference. 3) The Payment can be Before and After depends on you . Please READ ! Slight Problems. Due to lack of experience of drawings i am very sorry about what i can't draw. 1) I might not be able to draw some hats especially armored types but if you request it i will try my best to give you the result! 2) I might not be able to draw lower gears like G.pipe due to lack of EXP but again same as 2) i will try my best! Slots Open/Available : [1] [2] [3] Waiting List : [1] [2] [3] Possible Asked Questions Thank You For Checking My Art Shop !
  13. Hello i was exploring art corner again and i found this forum and to see the people improving made me want to share too! Though it took me a few hours to contempt if i would want to share the improvement *idontreallyhavecouragetoshare* So.. after a few hours of thinking , i would like to share a 2016-2017 improvements of a recently Named OC of mine Violet. A lot of her design changed around the 2017 version , in the middle picture i decided she wont be an elf unless i decide to redesign her again following the similar 2016 style of design but with more details on the clothing . There's a reason why her name is Violet , mostly White Violet flowers means '' Innocent '' while Purple means '' Thoughts were occupied with love '' it doesn't have to be romantic love as shes always the one who cares about her close friends than herself. I was quite disappointed on how i draw her in the digital version mostly because of her dress and she doesn't hold much emotion in it than the traditional one. Also i forgot to add additional accessories on her too :L . Also i created Violet at 2016 from this song since i got inspired by the lyrics '' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fpZnq6-3Wn0 '' . This was before i redesign her. I would also like to share a 2017 2-3 month improvements of a High priest artwork for my close friend @thalthallo. Her name is Thallasa i think? i have already forgot , Mostly she told me that the character i'm drawing is a Yandere imobsesewiththem . The first commission artwork wasn't really Yandere like but more of a smirk?? I forgot if she told me to draw her as Yandere before she bought again . The Second commission artwork is a Yandere one , i was quite happy with the outcome and improvements aside from my coloring which i'm slightly dissapointed at . Though i had quite a hard time trying to come up with a pose as i made at least 3 poses *dies* , and the weapon was also giving me a hard time since i rarely draw weapons and there was 2 design for Evang one with the crown idk how to say it and one is the Cross in the drawing. Sensei told me it was better to go with the cross so i did. I really must thank my close friend/sensei @Hyuki69as they help me improve by giving me tips and also @thalthallofor buying my art when i first announce in a discord guild server shes literally the best person whom i met and who supported me and i'm thankful for it.
  14. Draw The Character Above You!

    Hello again! , Seeing that Yoshimi passed her turn to someone else , i would like to claim it i suppose?? Here's my reference for my char *Onigiri* Sadly i have no Hair drawing reference for him since i was busy with life T T. If someone does draws him then i thank you with my heart! and i will try to draw your character back if someone doesn't beat me to it xD . Happy Drawing ! Edit : I forgot to add the romantic leaf info but you can skip it , if you want to !
  15. TalonRO Springbreak Screentake Contest!

    Hello! May i ask for the GM Spica challenge is it possible with just 5-6 people wearing Geek Glasses? or must it be around more than 8+? Is it also possible to do more than 1 GM challenges also? [since my possible set up might have at least 3-4 challenge inside one submission] For the framing does it work on SAI too? [sai user here] Also is it possible to use other editing websites for the ''text'' on the frame? Also must the entry's stick to ''fun or party vibes?'' ? [I fear my entry might not fit it u_u ] [but i can change it if it must stick to those category] I'm sorry to ask a lot of questions ; ; Thank you for reading ; v ; .