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  1. Do we even have zeny lmao

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Sakura Miyu

      Sakura Miyu

      Sell something I won't be interested in then ; 0; -hugs all clothes from Lulu's-

      Speaking of Lulu's, my package from Lulu's supposed to come today and I'm much excite. /fsh 

    3. mendics


      no, no you dont, so stop buying.

    4. Sakura Miyu

      Sakura Miyu

      @mendics but I haven't bought artsu in a long time :<

  2. Wow, a lot of great entries this year All of these recipes are making me hungry. Good luck everyone!
  3. Digging that profile picture, fellow witch.

    1. Sakura Miyu

      Sakura Miyu

      Yasss! Witches unite ( ⌒o⌒)人(⌒-⌒ )v

  4. Spoil me and protect me from bullies forever and ever, please /lv -puts a ring on it-

    1. Sakura Miyu

      Sakura Miyu

      I got 3 arts AND got engaged (again) in ONE DAY?!? Hallelujah baby, it's Christmas in Spring! This bunny vows to guard you til death do us part /fsh 

  5. Us when we do something cheeky.


  6. Happy birthday my love!!!!!!! I hope you have a good one /lv Will spoil you with sushi soon! ;o; I promise!

    1. Sakura Miyu

      Sakura Miyu

      Thank you my dear waifu! No sushi for me today but belly was definitely happy /gg 

    1. Arya


      Huehuehuheuheuh Niko Mike Miku.. /gg 

    2. Sakura Miyu

      Sakura Miyu

      ; 0; I just have many names I suppose! @kossploss it's funny coz there was actually a girl on the server whose name was Sakura Miku and I was often mistaken for her too.

      Isn't she a vocaloid? I wouldn't mind being mistaken for that sickly adorable chibi tho.. plus thank you for introducing me to a new DA artist ahuehuehue /gg 

  7. tumblr_lrzrud7EOY1qbdq9so1_500.gif



    1. Aryll


      -lowkey demands attention-

    2. Sakura Miyu

      Sakura Miyu


      Bae pls. Not the face 8'(

  8. Artsu fartsu pantsu #randomthoughtsoftheday


  9. It musta been really tough to choose the winners! Congrats to my artsu baes, @mendics & @Knightess Vee. I really enjoyed watching you guys work on your entry and helping with it! And ofc congrats to all the winners & the participants. Some of you need to open your artsu shop
  10. B>all your peco eggs Tav who cares about having a hot summer bod when you got yummy food?! Why did I go on this thread when I haven't even had breakfast yet.. Everyone's entry looks good
  11. GIF-bunny-cute-pass-out-sleepy-tired-GIF

    *fainting from all the beautiful entries on the summer login screen event*

    1. Aryll


      The last ...2? I think? Bandal's and someone else..? ;-; omfg go to the artsu corner plssssss end my artsu break.

    2. Sakura Miyu

      Sakura Miyu

      Rigghhht? Bandal's got me like, "*_* Where are you and why aren't you taking my zenies??" ...I think we have a problem /desp

  12. @Nagix3 You finished it! You & your adorable chibis (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ *snuggles you* Good work, Rinn chan! @kez I've already told you this but I reeeaaallly loved your summer festival idea. Too bad nobody else thought of it Beautiful watercolor work as usual Kezbutt :3 @Lil Vani & @Knightess Vee wahh I see a doting husband!! *nudges Sheibby* So cute *shoves you two in a closet* (⌯꒪͒ ꌂ̇ ꒪͒) Can't comment on everyone's work so I'm just gonna say good luck to the rest & to the GMs too XD
  13. Sheibby alrdy said what I wanted to say. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN HIDING!? THIS IS BEAUTIFUL. BEWBS OMG.
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