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  1. Sakura Miyu

    Nheki Draws

    @Marly @Aryll 100k!? That is more than I have now Hallelujah for being 100k closer to buying another artsu.
  2. I, too, welcome you to the art corner as I cry and dig a deep, deep hole that I could hide in so that I don't have to see the art world anymore T 0T ....but I shall come back for your art if you're still around
  3. Sakura Miyu

    Nheki Draws

    That commission for Marly is amaze-balls Marly san, give me all your zenies & arts pls
  4. Yassss I love it!! Thank you so much for working so hard on this commish I could watch her head bounce for hours haha.
  5. Bouncing head!! Me pls Will send you refs & payment in a bit! ...I've told myself I'd end this addiction QQ
  6. Heheh~ I'm head over heels in love with my current profile picture. I commissioned it from the talented @Ayuda We have *many* art wolves here and I'm sure you'll be swarmed by them in no time once you open a shop too~.
  7. Your bouncing head art is adorable! The last character looks like she belongs in the Sailor Moon series welcome to the art corner and enjoy your stay here~ c:
  8. @Aryll but I can't wear arts I can't be a naked, homeless art collector
  9. welcome baaack! would love to bid but I only have a penny in my wallet ; v;
  10. @Arya wew. So rich. Can you be my sugar moose daddy?
  11. What. No. I actually like that the crown is on her, you goof. I just didn't request both of them to be drawn on coz I didn't wanna sound too needy ahuehuehue.
  12. Ohmigawd Ayu, everything about this is perfect I love all of the details and can definitely see how much effort you've put in it. I'm assuming this is my piece and not Aryllbae's? Thank you so much for keeping the mini crown on and adding the fluffy bun tail! You're amaze-balls. Let me know how much I need to send
  13. ^what Dale said. I don't see anything *_*
  14. Squaaaa welcome back woulda requested slot but they're both taken ; v; I shall be back to collect your QT artsu next time.
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