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  1. Wow, a lot of great entries this year All of these recipes are making me hungry. Good luck everyone!
  2. Artsu fartsu pantsu #randomthoughtsoftheday


  3. It musta been really tough to choose the winners! Congrats to my artsu baes, @mendics & @Knightess Vee. I really enjoyed watching you guys work on your entry and helping with it! And ofc congrats to all the winners & the participants. Some of you need to open your artsu shop
  4. B>all your peco eggs Tav who cares about having a hot summer bod when you got yummy food?! Why did I go on this thread when I haven't even had breakfast yet.. Everyone's entry looks good
  5. GIF-bunny-cute-pass-out-sleepy-tired-GIF

    *fainting from all the beautiful entries on the summer login screen event*

    1. Aryll


      The last ...2? I think? Bandal's and someone else..? ;-; omfg go to the artsu corner plssssss end my artsu break.

    2. Sakura Miyu

      Sakura Miyu

      Rigghhht? Bandal's got me like, "*_* Where are you and why aren't you taking my zenies??" ...I think we have a problem /desp

  6. @Nagix3 You finished it! You & your adorable chibis (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ *snuggles you* Good work, Rinn chan! @kez I've already told you this but I reeeaaallly loved your summer festival idea. Too bad nobody else thought of it Beautiful watercolor work as usual Kezbutt :3 @Lil Vani & @Knightess Vee wahh I see a doting husband!! *nudges Sheibby* So cute *shoves you two in a closet* (⌯꒪͒ ꌂ̇ ꒪͒) Can't comment on everyone's work so I'm just gonna say good luck to the rest & to the GMs too XD
  7. Sheibby alrdy said what I wanted to say. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN HIDING!? THIS IS BEAUTIFUL. BEWBS OMG.
  8. Looove me like you doooo la la loooove me like you doooo

    anigif_enhanced-buzz-15697-1372172585-2. /lv 




    1. Aryll
    2. Sakura Miyu

      Sakura Miyu

      Love the gap between the like & the comment. Such hard to get /spin




    3. Aryll


      I was on mobile ); couldn't find cute gifs. 

  9. Wow, so happy to see many people participating in this event This is definitely gonna be tough for the judges. @Irisia, your chibis are adorable & I love their bathing suits! SOMEONE DESIGN ME A BATHING SUIT. Jk. And yas, still waiting on @Moozika.. *_*
  10. Aww alien has overworked himself good job on this entry Mendibutt! Dale's booty tho.. And Luk's itsy bitsy bathing suit..
  11. Sheibby good job on your hard work! Love everyone's poses & expressions, and every little detail you put from the lights to shadows! *smacks your booty on hubby's shoulders* Good luck to you & everyone else (:
  12. @marvi wahh so many bishoujo/bishounen where can I sign up to go to that beach? I love everyone's facial expression as well as their outfits! Especially that pink haired girl and her heart bathing suit I'm guessing she's a HP?
  13. Congrats to our beloved Moo & Silvy on their wedding! /lv 

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    2. Sakura Miyu

      Sakura Miyu

      When I'm done selling my organs and soul so I could give chu a fancy pantsy wedding :<

    3. Aryll


      this is why i love chu

    4. Sakura Miyu

      Sakura Miyu

      Nothing but the best for the waifu! Even if I have to be an amputee /gg 

  14. Getting so rusty at art camping.. I even missed Nao slots for fajitas #artwolvesproblem (*꒦ິ⌓꒦ີ) 

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    2. Aryll


      The worst part is that you said "Imma go get tacos and Nao is going to open slots. You just watch."


    3. Sakura Miyu

      Sakura Miyu

      LOL @132 is like "Yiisss the ebil crazy person is gone."

    4. 132


      Lololol who's ibil?! I know no ibil person in the Art Corner aside from myself /heh 


      Tacos > Me





  15. This is so exciting! Good luck to all the participants ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
  16. I'm still waiting on the signed pantsu from all the GMs as a prize /gg But I guess the Tam Tam headgear will do <3 Happy anniversary TalonRO! Good luck to everyone on the event.
  17. Lmao! At first, I thought he was talking about the high priestess /heh Doggies/pets are the bestest friends Such cute entry Nao. Welp! Nao entered the contest. *trash my entry in garbage* /goodbyeworld ( ´θ`)ノ
  18. Errr.. sorry to be the one to sound rude but.. how is the entry above related to the Valentine's Day contest? Talk about NSFW (even tho it's supposed to be Poring/Lunatic/Fabre) /swt Rules: Keep your entry age-appropriate and free of slander, insult or harassment. It should be full of love.
  19. You gain 50% more exp for 20 minutes /no1
  20. XD omg my daughters. I laughed wayyy too much while watching this. @ Aryll waifu: of course you would buy the cat one! I got the one that says "You are magical" /lv
  21. While waiting on talented people, here's my attempt at trying to woo GM Gemgem /lv
  22. What Iela said. Please take my (our) zenies *v*
  23. Lmao, Moo, I thought you were serious with Talon kun XD AHH everyone's entry is so neat! AIDE, Talone is adorable!! I wish to have him as a pet too /lv
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