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  1. @Nagix3 You finished it! You & your adorable chibis (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ *snuggles you* Good work, Rinn chan!

    @kez I've already told you this but I reeeaaallly loved your summer festival idea. Too bad nobody else thought of it /sob Beautiful watercolor work as usual Kezbutt :3

    @Lil Vani & @Knightess Vee wahh I see a doting husband!! *nudges Sheibby* So cute *shoves you two in a closet* (⌯꒪͒ ꌂ̇ ꒪͒)

    Can't comment on everyone's work so I'm just gonna say good luck to the rest & to the GMs too XD  /lv



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  2. YAY OMG I'M DONE TOOO <3 <3

    Took a newb like me approx 30 hours to finish this. This is the 1st time i drew a full BG pic. Hope you guys like it!!! (/////w/////)

    IGN: Lolie


    /slur/slur Sheibby alrdy said what I wanted to say. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN HIDING!? THIS IS BEAUTIFUL. BEWBS OMG.

  3. Errr.. sorry to be the one to sound rude but.. how is the entry above related to the Valentine's Day contest? Talk about NSFW (even tho it's supposed to be Poring/Lunatic/Fabre) /swt


    Keep your entry age-appropriate and free of slander, insult or harassment. It should be full of love.

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