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  1. Talon kun <3 and his.. Pirate rock friend (lol) I'll be his friend as long as if he doesn't try to kill me if our friendship doesn't work out /heh
  2. Everyone's entry is cute & awesome! But I do love the description/different poses & expressions for Aireane's /lv I bet Talon Peco is GM Shiris from the Yule Ball encore /gg
  3. Is the song request for the Yule Ball encore open now? I don't know if this is the thread to post in but I request these two songs for now~ /ok
  4. I really love this combination so cute!
  5. I want a Deviling /slur /slur I'm guessing the drawing has to be done digitally?
  6. @ Kimchii's entry: That... made me so sad in the end /sob /sob MEAN SANTA GOT LUNATICS KILLED!! @ Himitsu's entry: I thought your story was very easy to understand Even the poor folks at ET needs Christmas loving too. Good luck to all the contestants~ can't wait to see more /pif
  7. ^Adorable!! And that is the cutest cupcake plate I've ever seen /lv
  8. Omg! Those headgears & pets! Such little time.. /sob Merry Early Christmas everyone /kis
  9. Cherri I would like to order a box of those pls thx /slur ahh I'm excited for this! Hopefully I find time to enter *_*
  10. I thought the deadline was November 7th! *__* It's 11:50pm on 11/06 where I am.. does this still count? IGN: Sakura Miyu And I'm sorry I couldn't fit all the GMs /sob
  11. Congrats everyone! *stalks the person with the deviling* 8|
  12. Aww, such a cute doll <3 Let me take it away from your daughter /gg
  13. Ahh! Everyone's entry is so great! Good luck guys
  14. @Deamonice: the Sp(spoiler) logo is right next to the IMG code You just put the IMG/link insde ->[.spoiler][./spoiler] (minus the periods)
  15. Why does nobody read anymore? D: You upload the image on an image hosting site: imageshack, tinypic, imgur, etc and then reply to this thread w/ the direct link w/ the img code (the lil Mona Lisa painting logo above this face) Example: [.img]DIRECTLINKHERE[./img] (minus the period in the boxes)
  16. I just have to post this xD IGN: Sakura Miyu Howl-paca Sammich
  17. Sphie has read my mind. I'd love to draw on paper and scan it if that's okay too 8|
  18. Edit: Added 1 more entry! Checking out the Beach Boys <3 Stalking your crush, Lvl: Ninja
  19. ^^That pretty NPC is a man!?!? *faints* IGN: Sakura Miyu During the maiden hat quest, my "disguise" has taken over me and I've fallen in love. It was good while it lasted (she hated me since the start) /sob
  20. /sob I'm bad with goodbyes! Farewell GM Rainbow~ Maybe see you some time in the future back on tRO even as a non-GM? Good luck with everything /kis
  21. Happy 6th Year Anni tRO! Now let us all dance & celebrate! /gg Good luck to everyone for the event~ <3
  22. Disney Fairytale tRO Style! IGN: *~Cosette~* Oh that 2nd screenie by Dtuck91 seriously made me lol It's priceless. Troll Peco
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