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  1. Ummm... I don't think the shop is open yet? It says "almost complete" and "I'll be reopening some time today."
  2. So I'm guessing the previous waitlist is gone? Reposting my reference then~. And welcome back!
  3. @Mayunnaize I liked your post just so I could unlike it. *karate.chops.*
  4. @Mayunnaize Finish. Your. Comic.
  5. Omg yes I need Miyu+Aryll art in my life.
  6. The first spoiler doesn't show anything for me but the second one... Btw, do you have a waitlist?
  7. Sakura Miyu

    Himitsu |

    Hello again QTpie~ ♪( ´θ`)ノ #19 for me pls, thank you http://imgur.com/a/bN2Lf
  8. -pat pat- it's no problem I think my friend's sent you the monies. Let me know if you've gotten it!
  9. Lmaoooo it's okay! I'm having a friend send it to you later but he won't be home until 7 hours later so if it's okay, I'll send it to you then! Thanks Airi c:
  10. Welcome backkk Sabbvieee! So glad to see you and Mayuyuyuyu on the forum again hopefully you open more slots next time
  11. -drooools at all of your pretty arts- ...wait, did I ever send you my refs for this? I'm so confused about whose waitlist I'm on now lol
  12. omgah I was so sad when I got to the page with the discontinuation announcement but holy sheet I kept reading the story and wow Mayuyuyuyu the comic went from: hey, this is a nice story with interesting characters.. to: *mind. blown.* XD But I do like dark stories too.. this sorta reminds me of a movie called "Uninvited" with Emily Browning (she also starred in Sucker Punch and played a character with mental illness as well) or that manga called School Days. But thanks for not keeping me hanging and actually finishing the story! Good luck on your next one QTPie
  13. OMG I found it! Stupid me completely forgot that YOU're the one who wrote that webtoon -facepalm- I was thinking to myself, "Hmm.. what was that webtoon I was reading about this girl who lived with all these weirdos?" I couldn't remember the name so I gave up looking for it
  14. Wow, a lot of great entries this year All of these recipes are making me hungry. Good luck everyone!
  15. I adoooore @Marly's commission Good job to both of you guys (Marly for the idea, and you ofc for delivering this amazing work). I wish I could participate as well, but no more RO for this gal ; v ; Keep up the good work!
  16. Sakura Miyu


    @Cherrios Avocados give me life *_*
  17. Sakura Miyu


    Woot! I've been creeping through your gallery as well Here are the refs for two of my characters. I can't wait to see your doodles As for breakfast.. I've been enjoying eating healthy lately. I've been eating stuff like yogurt w/ fruits and granola or fruit smoothie w/ a toast + avocado lol.
  18. What the alien said! But I'm happy for all the changes that's happened in your life I'll just get a dose of you on Insta or FB
  19. Really love the expression and pose on both of them. Good job Menudo & Nao
  20. Wew, that piece is so... seraphic! I love the background and the detail of her clothes. Good job Stealth
  21. Wow. How pretty~. The bewbs tho Go go Naocchi & stupid alien
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