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  1. Princess Serenity welcome to the art corner!
  2. I'm so glad to see you back I may not be active ingame but I'm always active for art could I have a slot for a bust please?
  3. Ooh! I love your art style. I see both of your commishies are finished... Do you have a slot open?
  4. Aww these are so pretty! I love the first sample Too bad I don't play anymore and I'm broke as well -drowns in my tears-
  5. Me before getting a slot: Me after getting a slot: @Aryll Will you be the Patar to my SpongeGar?
  6. -shoves Yuu out of the way- Me want slot too
  7. Oooh, can we see the finished product? Congrats Naocchi!
  8. So many slots.. yet I couldn't manage to get one I guess it really is time for retirement -sob- ...oh, hello boobs
  9. Ooh, I love this idea! I'm excited to see more of you guy's work
  10. Sakura Miyu

    Himitsu |

    Wow. Mendi looks sort of kakkoii for once
  11. Good luck Dale & to anyone entering! and..
  12. Sakura Miyu

    Himitsu |

    Siggy's always being teased by the girls but congrats Marly for catching the kiriban!
  13. Sakura Miyu

    Himitsu |

    Beautiful work as always Nao-cchi~~ ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
  14. Sakura Miyu


    I doooo love it!! I love her silly pose and omgah, even my pet (I forgot the name) is in it XD thank you Avari!!
  15. Sakura Miyu

    Nheki Draws

    Oh my, Robby looking muy caliente I love how soft you color! Also, I'm not exactly sure if this rule applies for the picture but maybe you should put a NSFW warning for when someone clicks on the picture?
  16. @euree I just stalked you on tumblr too. Open a shop please so I could stalk you more & cry about being broke QQ
  17. Ho Ho Ho. Is it Christmas in April? I can't wait to see the finished work
  18. Or you can just draw him on a couch with nothing but a blue diamond necklace. The possibilities are endless.
  19. Lmaoooo. Chicken dance Howl yes pls.
  20. -is heartbroken every time she clicks on spoiler and it's not Howl- ; 0; 0; 0; 0; 0; -goes back to waiting-
  21. I'll definitely miss seeing all your pretty works but I wish you the best with your project
  22. @Aryll this art queen is going bankrupt ; 0; I must build a castle made of nothing but my artsu collection.
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