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  1. Wooow the details! What a beautiful couple art
  2. After Boreas and Seiren, then comes a Howl Hmmm... Beans
  3. -is still waiting for Howl's drawing- #teamhowl4eva
  4. Weeeelll look at Siggy with his muscles. So manly that falcon looks quite delicious too.
  5. It's coming along very nicely!! I love her eyes can't wait to see the finished work.
  6. You're amazing I think this is the first time I've had a commission drawn so fast! I love how detailed it is, and how you colored it *_* Could you PM me whom to send the payment to and how much it would be? Thank you for this beautiful piece!
  7. Ohmygosh, I love it! You work so fast I wish I could have watched you stream : <
  8. @Arya Dale is an artsu wolf who's failed. Jk. Actually, I think she's traveling right now
  9. Welcome to the art corner! Could I get a slot also? I'll send you my reference once I'm fully awake
  10. I can't thank you enough! I'm glad you were able to experiment with our chars and were happy with the outcome
  11. Silly Ren. There are a bunch of hungry wolves here who would jump at your slot -pets you- I'll be patient til the next slots
  12. Would it be mean if I asked for a slot again? My high wizard needs love lolol. I would like to claim a slot for now if that's okay and if Ren wants to give others a chance, I'll wait again til the next turn
  13. Ooh, I love drawings of my waifu and Kentucky Fried Chirpi Really nice job on the outfit details & coloring Ren! C:
  14. Sakura Miyu


    Yay! I still have your old drawings but my character's look has changed quite a bit so I'm pretty excited to get her new look drawn by you http://imgur.com/Nn9BVx5 I don't mind waiting forever I know school/life can be overwhelming. Good luck with everything!
  15. Oooh!! I love the finished work *_* lucky Dale for getting a free, pretty art! I'd love to bid but it's mucho money for moi who doesn't even play anymore -shrug- good luck to all the bidders!
  16. Sakura Miyu


    Oh my lawd that is amazing Could I post my reference if you're still taking requests? *_*
  17. Maybe you two can team work together. Like, one of you keep watch while the other one is at work.
  18. Lmao. Well, glad to see you back! Don't over work yourself
  19. Ooh. I likey welcome to the art corner new meat!
  20. That title has been passed onto my waifu @Aryll. Gurl I be slackin'. I'm a retired, old wolf now
  21. It's because I lurk around the forum looking & waiting for a fresh new meat to draw me. Jkjk. It's nice meeting you too! Hope to see you stick around c:
  22. Ooh, I didn't draw any of them All of my arts were commissioned from artists on here & DA.
  23. Welcome to the art corner! The artsu wolves are extremely fast at taking up the slots as always
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