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  1. Whoaa Nagara welcome back! Are you gonna be posting more art soon?
  2. Yay! Can I be waitlisted please? c:
  3. The old art for me.. is it the one of my HP blowing a kiss? I still have that art too btw I'm loving all your linker drawings *_*
  4. Yasss bae! We're artsu crossed lovers
  5. That awesome moment when you've been feeling like a failure as an art collector and someone from the past comes back & draws your character Thank you again Toona for drawing my Miyu!
  6. I will be back to stalk your other arts and an open slot
  7. So many good artists lately welcome to the art corner! I'll be stalking you as well~~ -disappears into the dark again-
  8. Can I be on the waiting list too please!? How rude of me to not give you a proper greeting ; 0; Welcome to the art corner! And I don't think you should hesitate with raising your price. Your work is lovely!
  9. Whyyyyyyyyyy. I was just on the forum 2 hours ago
  10. Ahuehuehue. I've completely forgotten how Paladins looked . But she is a QT Patootie C:
  11. Her chibi LK really reminds me of her Great job on her commishies!
  12. How could I miss this?!? -sets up tent to camp- welcome to the art corner!
  13. Wooow Mendi those artworks are really nice
  14. Move over Sailor Moon! There's a new sailor soldier in town and he(she?) is about to kick some ass!
  15. @Casimir in the Japanese version, he calls her "Odango atama" which means dumpling head XP https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dango So.. They're completely different from meatballs haha. But heyyy, Sailor Mars is muy caliente! She's on my cosplay list if I ever get to cosplay
  16. Sailor Moon? Meeeeeee? Haha, thank YOU for doing this raffle and welcome back! c:
  17. Welcome to the art corner! I'm really loving your style!! Can't wait til you open more slots
  18. Hi~ can I order 2 simple headshot pls? Will send you refs after you've approved c:
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