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  1. Happy 6th Year Anni tRO! Now let us all dance & celebrate! /gg Good luck to everyone for the event~ <3
  2. Aww, Ryan! Even tho we pick on each other often we still do have something in common! Another SAO wallpaper. I just love the colors/simplicity of this one.
  3. Disney Fairytale tRO Style! IGN: *~Cosette~* Oh that 2nd screenie by Dtuck91 seriously made me lol It's priceless. Troll Peco
  4. W00t. Thanks for the guide. Happy Valentine's Day/Single Awareness Day everyone~ /kis
  5. Omg. I can't wait to request more artz from you <3 /slur
  6. I know, aren't they adorable?? /slur So in love w/ the art that I even made it my phone wallpaper xD
  7. Well hello there~ IGN: *~Cosette~* Finally caught our main course for the cherry blossom festival /slur He's been working so hard outside.. he looked like he could use some loving /lv So.. I just had a birthday~ /pif
  8. Oh my mother of godzilla.... I love it! Thank you so much Hika!! <3
  9. This looks so pretty~~! *drools* Do I make the music requests here? If so, can these songs be played? Pretty please Pachelbel's "Canon" in D Major (Perfect Ballroom song!!) Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepsen (Just for lulz) The A Team - Ed Sheeran Last Christmas - Taylor Swift and last but not least.. Gangnam Style - Psy!!
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