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  1. Congrats! Thank you for the raffle Sabviee. Happy New Year to you
  2. Sabvieee welcome back! Hit me with the best # pls c;
  3. Ahahah! Yeah, real Aiko isn't as nice as Miyu Aww, thank you for this sketch Reira! I like the way you drew her eyes (: @mendics hush, you nasteh alien D:
  4. Sakura Miyu

    Himitsu |

    Welcome back Nao!! You have been missed I noticed you weren't as active on social medias either so I was a bit worried. Glad to have you back & your drawing are amazing as always c: I really like the commish for khimmy too. Stay with us forever and ever and ever and ever pls. Ahuehue.
  5. I'm guessing that's a commish for Siggy? It's very lovely!! I agree with Iela, the coloring on the bow is really nice /lv
  6. Your shop is so cute Adorable chibi of Mendi, btw c: Good luck!
  7. omg your eyes! It's sucking me in *_*
  8. Can I be on the wait list for 2 chibis and a headshot pls? D:
  9. Gorgeous! I love the details of your outfit. I've always wanted to cosplay my HP.
  10. Holy quack Airi! Your chibis are so frigging cute Moar pls.
  11. I was one post away from kamehameha'ing to the next thread QQ
  12. Thanks again Kyary! I really love the background Your style reminds me of Adventure Time haha. Good luck on your other commishies!
  13. Slot me please ahuehue. Now that I re-read your thread.. I REMEMBER YOU!! I see my Miyu on your tumblr Welcome back! Glad to have you draw us again c: Will edit this w/ reference soon
  14. This is me watching shokugeki no soma after 10 PM.
  15. Oh waifubae, pls *_*_* don't dicipher my (not-so) secret artsu language QQ
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