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    Hello guys I have been working on a build to make use of the Spirited Guitar, which is and unsual item but could be used to make a perfect supportive Clown. Since you do not need any offensive skills if you have good autocasting gear, you can have more songs etc. while you are still able to defend you self with random castings. One issue is however that you need many cards and gear depending on what you are hunting, since every autocast card only gives only one element which might be no good in the next dungeon. I figured out most of the accessories, like wind ghost card(wind) and gazeti(water). but fire is still missing. I found the Chinese Handicraft gear piece and it shows great potential. However I am unable to find how to obtain it. If any one could help me to find a quest or what ever way to obtain this awesome gear piece I would be very gratefull, ofcourse am I willing to share my build once I've tested my theories, as of now I am stll very much in the collecting Phase Chinese Handicraft [0] [Accessory] Item ID# 2708 (Chinese_Handicraft) I hope some one can enlighten me on this subject, thank you
  2. I tried everything, but turning of full screen mode was the solution xD I feel stupid right now, I have been struggeling for over a week Thanks times a million Galeph
  3. I have exactly the same problem problem, I cannot get it fixed