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  1. Ahaha, next tiiiime!! *wipes your tears LOL okie! Thanks!
  2. Aaaa omg mama<333333 Thank you!! Don't worry, I'll open slots as soon as I finish the first batch! LMAO DALE <333333 Sadly, all slots are taken uhuhu you're welcome, Dale's bank account HAHA Give name pls TENOOO THANK YOUU!! Slot is yours Oki, thanks! I shall check laterr! Also, you are ordering 3 characters, is that right?
  3. *punches ur tooth* TYTY KEKEK
  4. Aah! Thank you so much!! YOI gives me life HAHAHA
  5. Hi guys, I just spent my zeny on costumes and some gear so..... *opens shop*
  6. I'll be on hiatus for a while ahue
  7. Done with Iela's comm! n v n
  8. Squa

    Himitsu |

    12- Sky!
  9. And the slot is yours! Thank you very much~ It's okay, no rush!
  10. Hello lovely art people, how are you all~ I will be opening 2 slots because I'm still trynna get back into drawing so I wanna take it slow. ; v ; If interested, please fill up and comment/PM me this order form: __________________________________________________________ Commission Type: [Chibi A, Chibi B, Chibi C] Number of characters: (maximum 3)Reference(s): Additional information: __________________________________________________________ Rules/Reminders: First come, first serve. I will begin working on the commission once I have received the payment (half or full, whichever you prefer) Send all payments to Squafra No slot trading/ reserving for a friend Additional charges for armored characters and weapons Price List: All chibi styles will be 15m each CHIBI A: CHIBI B: CHIBI C: (Chibi C will also be full bodies don't worry ahue <3 I just didnt have decent samples 9 v 9) SLOT: 1. GM Raine 2. Kisuka*
  11. https://hangouts.google.com/hangouts/_/a2ebztnu3rdxupc4tuubnfljiya :>
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