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  1. just realized I haven't posted those yet x3
  2. @amii. aww thank you, I'm glad hear that! ^0^ I'll probably finish Maylin today or tomorrow too x3 You're too kind ;3; I'll let you know when I decide to do them owo @Squawk unfortunately I do not, but there should be slots opening pretty soon
  3. just dropping by with the first part of @amii.'s commission /nod and also the sketch for Kisuka*'s also, I did a little doodle how a watercolor headshot could look like, what do you think?
  4. @Natalis yup yup x3 noted, thank you. just shoot me with your refs whenever you're free
  5. @Kisuka* thank youuu never thought that the watercolor illus would be so popular x3 normally they get pretty much ignored xD slot is your's, thanks x3
  6. awww thank you so much for the warm welcome everyone ;3; <3 thank you~ I'm glad you like them x3 I wanna make some more often, but somehow I never really get around to do so... >_< thanks a lot you're welcome to stalk anytime xD I guess I could do that, just not sure about the pricing and stuff yet and it's probably going to be something more on the sketch-y side or just headshots idk and I guess I gotta do sample too xD I'll keep you updated x3 Thank you~ slot is your's Just post or send me a PM with your refs x3 @kossploss thank you x3 it's been age since I drew that, so I'm not 100% confident I could recreate that again, I could probably a mixture of both or something xD
  7. Hey here, welcome to my art thread :3 I'm still struggling with the forum functions, so please excuse me if my thread is weird xD' PRICES 20TC/25M per character (chibi) +4TC/5M simple background +4TC/5M simple pet (see some other (old) art stuff by me here) SLOTS jessu Natalis HOW TO ORDER Form: in-game name: references: details (scars, freckles, etc.): other (poses, expressions, etc.): extras (pet, bg) Fill out the order form and post it in this thread or PM it to me.I'll confirm whether I'll take on your commission and give you a slot on the pending list. Once you've made your payment (half or full upfront) I will start with your commission. The illustration should be done within one or two weeks depending on how busy I am.You'll be notified by PM when your illustration is ready. You may ask for small changes to be made (e.g. color changes) OTHER STUFF You may not redistribute, claim the art as your own work or make profits out of it. I have the right to reject commissions. If I feel I cannot finish your commission for whatever reason, I will contact you and you will receive full refund.
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