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  1. GM Rainbow

    2018 Winter Login & Loading Contest

    Good questions! You can think of 7 colors as determined by their RGB color code (so 7 unique color codes). Not limited to just rainbow colors so the artist may choose any 7 color combination they'd like. So in that case, no, neutral colors are not counted as 1 color. Would certainly make things easier to declare them
  2. GM Rainbow

    I cant join to the talonro.

    It would help to get some more details here...such as what did you change your internet to? What form of "can't connect" do you get? Just saying "can't connect" is not objectively useful.
  3. GM Rainbow

    Multiple characters stuck - Rachel

    Might just want to download the Full Installer again. Looks like you're missing files for one of our pets. You're probably fine by now as I'd guess whoever had that pet has left Rachel already.
  4. GM Rainbow

    Character is off center and so is the log-in screen

    You're overthinking it. Unless I'm off center too. And overlayed: Not the exact up/down pitch but it's the left/right we care about, righto? Plus half of your picture is exactly 960 pixels and perfectly bisects your character. Nothing's wrong as far as I can tell.
  5. GM Rainbow

    game loads then just close

    Where are you connecting from? That crashlog is unrelated by the way. The date does not match your screenshot and a disconnect would not produce a crashlog either. It could be that your client side setup is fine now. Problem might be your connection.
  6. GM Rainbow

    RO game Client crashed!

    Have you looked at or tried the solutions mentioned here yet,
  7. GM Rainbow


    Do you have an antivirus installed or anything else that could be blocking connections/programs?
  8. GM Rainbow

    Can´t even start

    Problem exists if you have an MSI laptop. Check for nahimic, uninstall your laptop it.
  9. GM Rainbow

    Arcelle + Mistreil's Art Shop Thing

    Suckers for free artsu \o/ That's heart shaped bubble gum. Flamboyant. Or Fabulous. Probably Fabulous.
  10. GM Rainbow

    crashed on Windows 10

    You need to change your language to English. If you look at your crash report, do you see all the directory names in Russian? The client won't recognize them. Check the link I already posted for changing your language.
  11. GM Rainbow

    crashed on Windows 10

    Crashing when you see the character select screen, or after you select a character and try to load the map? What's the language setting of your computer? Check this:
  12. GM Rainbow

    Please Help im always disconnecting

    Your connection goes through PLDT. There are known problems with that provider that are not in our control. There are many, but here's a recent thread that seems to imply it's sorted itself out. Dunno if that's the case for you:
  13. GM Rainbow

    How to use mini installer?

    Hi noname123, The mini installer is for if you already have existing kRO files and do not need to download them again. You can set the install directory of the Mini Installer to that directory, and it will add the files necessary to play TalonRO.
  14. GM Rainbow

    You are hired to overhaul ragnarok!

    Wew~ more chances to write some walls of text~ 1. I really wish there was some "area ownership" for dominant PvP/WoE guilds or PvE achievements. A little reward for successful players, and some incentive for others to knock them off their pedestal, but nothing that could lead to a snowball effect (so no items like OCAs, OPBs, etc. just smaller things...maybe some SQI Bonus Ingredients). And not like guild dungeons which are exclusive to the guild itself, and surely not limited to the aesthetic of having your picture on a flag in the city, but something that actually affects everyone very tangibly. Just spitballing, but like a special +3% EXP or +1/+2 stat Blessing of <GUILDNAME> in exchange for a small weekly rotating tribute that goes directly into the guild storage. Like, this week the options could be 10 Wing of Dragonfly, or 3 Crystal Blue, or 10 Yellow Herbs...and the next week they could be different. And the winning guild gets to pick exactly what combination of reward/tribute from a preset menu is available on that week. The tribute could also be zeny, that goes directly to castle tribute/guardian funds. Or some special bonus loot that only applies to monsters in the fields owned by the city that can be exchanged with the guild for...a 50/50 split between guild and player for bronze coins? I dunno. To give some incentive to other guilds to "take back" a city, maybe for larger tributes (that go to the "city", so effectively an item/zeny sink) by the winning guild members themselves, the guards will apply in city debuffs like -10% movement speed on sight, or short freezes or stuns, little petty things that make other guilds feel like the enemy...or only 90% full heal at the Healer NPC. Of course, this only applies locally, and doesn't affect gameplay if you don't want it to. Use another city. But for that other guild you hate had to go to Prontera to shop...they'd feel unwelcome. 2. Sometimes I wish RO had more skills. I think the game hit the concept of class identity really well. Although maybe if there were more skills, they'd saturate the mechanics and class identity would be ruined. But if that could be avoided, more skills could add variety. It's not an actual game, and I have my doubts that it would work as well in practice, but the mix-and-match branching of classes in Log Horizon was really cool. There were so many classes, and they all had unique flavor. It was as simple as fleshing out a Spear Lord Knight vs Two-Handed LK vs One-Handed/Shield LK into very distinct classes with a large repertoire of their own skills. While technically in vanilla RO, without the reset NPC that's almost exactly how it is, I still feel that the branching of the skill tree doesn't have enough depth to really carry the weight of being distinct classes. And of course, Spear vs TH vs OH LK as our example would involve an extra job change and be slightly aesthetically different. I suppose that could be accomplished if for every Trans class, there was actually 3 or 4 3rd classes instead of the linear job change. From a designer's standpoint though, that is a HUGE task and a lot of classes to design. I used to love the spec system in WoW, until every class and spec pretty much started doing the same thing. 3. Alternative healing/support classes than just Priests... :| ... or a rework of Soul Linkers/Professors to have more active/versatile support abilities. I sometimes feel RO has overly damage-centered gameplay. And yes. mods mods mods. why no mods ;_;????