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  1. This item is extremely farmable from Sohee and Greatest General. Just farm it?
  2. Good questions! You can think of 7 colors as determined by their RGB color code (so 7 unique color codes). Not limited to just rainbow colors so the artist may choose any 7 color combination they'd like. So in that case, no, neutral colors are not counted as 1 color. Would certainly make things easier to declare them
  3. This is an excellent idea! But rather than doing rounds and kicking people out it should just be a first X to answer like Guess the Monster or Hide and Seek
  4. It would help to get some more details here...such as what did you change your internet to? What form of "can't connect" do you get? Just saying "can't connect" is not objectively useful.
  5. Might just want to download the Full Installer again. Looks like you're missing files for one of our pets. You're probably fine by now as I'd guess whoever had that pet has left Rachel already.
  6. You're overthinking it. Unless I'm off center too. And overlayed: Not the exact up/down pitch but it's the left/right we care about, righto? Plus half of your picture is exactly 960 pixels and perfectly bisects your character. Nothing's wrong as far as I can tell.
  7. #teambrownmode (☞ ͡ ͡° ͜ ʖ ͡ ͡°)☞

    1. kez


      I read brownnote

  8. Where are you connecting from? That crashlog is unrelated by the way. The date does not match your screenshot and a disconnect would not produce a crashlog either. It could be that your client side setup is fine now. Problem might be your connection.
  9. Have you looked at or tried the solutions mentioned here yet,
  10. Do you have an antivirus installed or anything else that could be blocking connections/programs?
  11. Problem exists if you have an MSI laptop. Check for nahimic, uninstall your laptop it.
  12. Suckers for free artsu \o/ That's heart shaped bubble gum. Flamboyant. Or Fabulous. Probably Fabulous.
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