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  1. Sorry if I look like your mother.
  2. Uh someone needs to clean some posts up lol. He has a valid point there and the whole situation is turning sour. Just take a step back and relax. Clearly the GMs want to include entries that have shown effort/time/resources. However you have to understand not everywhere in the world celebrates Halloween widely as some other countries. My grandmother in China would have no freaking clue what you're talking about if you said Halloween to her because they don't celebrate halloween lol. Maybe next year the server can host Halloween Creations Event (forgot what it was called) that encompasses things such as pumpkin carving, treats and other misc Halloween items. For now let's just enjoy the event for what it is. I also enjoyed all the entries that were submitted this year.
  3. Your gf can post another entry separately if she likes Amarock. Lovely work so far everyone.
  4. That pixel art is so cute. Love the little characters in it
  5. Save your tc for a rainy day. Its guaranteed money and if you are unsure where you wanna go or how to build your class. Its better to sit on them and decide later. Maybe look building gear for thor on sniper such as fire armor. Prioritise gec and your bow (can be rental ballista) first.
  6. Sorry for the delay! Congratulations to the winners! 1st Place: Novinator wins 15TC 2nd Place: Asnee Lemure wins 10TC 3rd Place: Goldenlake wins 5 TC Your prizes will be mailed to the In Game Names you have provided. Please be patient and congratulations again.
  7. These are lovely. A great eye for composition and a wonderful style.
  8. Nothing wrong with using silhouettes, however it has to be a Halloween-themed image. Has to be your own work. Cropping images that don't belong to you, will not be considered a valid entry. BLAST FROM THE PAST 2012 login screen winners: 2012 Halloween Loading Screens: 1. Fadiel 2. *~ Greed Is Good ~* 3. Rushifar 4. Skadus 5. Akirawr Be sure to make space for the login box as well. Good luck~
  9. I've known her for 2 (+?) years now. We old Dale!
  10. Flat still image. jpg is fine however overtime your image quality will decrease, png is better but as long as you meet the size requirements (i.e. your own work etc) it should be a valid entry.
  11. Well it doesn't really matter too much. It's up to preference. I don't like to look at too much yellow and I prefer more simplistic skins. Skin I'm currently using This could work I suppose. A bit busy for me though. You can find both (and many more) skins here. However let's not deter from the subject of this thread and thank you Chynna I'm glad you like the aura.
  12. Hello everyone! I hope you're all well and looking forward to the event. As a little treat or bonus. I've created a custom aura just for this event. It's quite magical when you see it in action in game. *_* Since its a client modification (only you will be able to see it) to set the mod make sure its in folders TalonRO> data> texture > effect Starlight Soiree (click image to download) Happy twinkling!
  13. Doesn't really need to be pinned. I added it on the wiki. You can find it under Misc Guides > Class Dye Palettes
  14. ;o I've requested 2 zedd songs. Haha...(not the ones you guys posted though.)
  15. GM Aurelia

    Himitsu |

    Himi! I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday :3 When your present is finished. I will post it here (in the thread). Hope you had a wonderful day! <3
  16. Might wanna edit the first part about @autoloot now. Great guide, looking forward to seeing it on the wiki. Include pretty pictures please
  17. Nice guide Jaime. We already have a homunculus guide on the tro wiki which you may wish to add to. http://wiki.talonro.com/Homunculus+Guide On a side note, in terms of feedback I have been reading from players. There is no need to rude or bring other players down who wish to contribute. Which is why I always encourage/stress to players to post their guides on the tro wiki. The whole idea of a wiki page is to have players posting their guides so they can be reviewed and added to by other members of the community. A guide written by many is greater than a single person's viewpoint on e.g. Maps to level your character. Yes, feedback is something we used to learn but it needs to be constructive. p.s. Always reference your sources. It's just good housekeeping.
  18. Gemini was so excited about this commission. It turned out wonderful! Can't wait to see other work. <3
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