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  1. oh hai :V [FULL]

    I'd like to order some arts please :V
  2. TalonRO Re-packaging Contest

    A hearty well done to (And in no particular order): @lunnanowa @anchampala @ZeroGrav007 I'll get some stuff sent to you before the weekend!!
  3. Finally I got to put some event footage on my new youtube channel :D

    1. SkyeReed


      woah this is cool! and scary~ haha takbo!!!/gg

    2. Jirokure


      demm i miss dis one ;ccc

    3. Hell0_Viki


      I never thought seeing a video of myself getting killed would be so... glorious  xD

      Thank you for the fun, Cherri and Lance! <3

  4. A Declaration of War

    This legit just made my day :'D
  5. Updated my arts collection gallery, now everyone can look at how amazing they are, just like I do all day :'D


  6. ʕ ·ᴥ·ʔ Bobbing Around [OPEN]

    Boop boop, can I have a slot O:
  7. +Open+ [ Jinnie's Headshot Art Shop ]

    Thank you <3 I sent you a PM with stuffs
  8. +Open+ [ Jinnie's Headshot Art Shop ]

    hello dear~ I'd like one of your slots if that's ok
  9. TalonRO Re-packaging Contest

    As an Australian I approve of this content :'D
  10. TalonRO Re-packaging Contest

    Much like the hair dye entry, you can do more than one of the same product <:
  11. #teamrobots


  12. TalonRO Re-packaging Contest

    Every other week is a time where the GM's bask in some grand grocery shopping... Salmon for Kuma Hammer polish for Boreas Kitty litter for Mimi Skittles for Rainbow Lighter fluid for Luna Sparkles for Spica Of course, we can't just buy anything~ All of our shopping is done on the streets of Prontera, or in the grocery store in Lighthalzen! But sadly, the product range is WoEful... So we want you to design some new ones! The task at hand is easy, take an every day item, it can be anything, and make the packaging RO themed! How you go about this is up to you. Feel free to redraw it from scratch, Photoshop the original, even glue pictures over the top of some real packaging, just make sure to be as creative as possible, whilst it still being recognisable. Rules and Guidelines: Include your In Game Name in your post. Include a photo both of your creation, and the original packaging Try to add as many details as possible (this is what we'll be looking for!) You can of course use arts from other sources for your piece, but credit the creators where possible Be sure to keep your entry forum appropriate, use some common sense here~ Here's what a valid entry should look like! Rewards: The 3 best entries will all receive the following; 1 x Elvira Pet 1 x July Monthly Costume Box 2 x Old Orange Box Entries Close: 22nd July at midnight, server time Each account may submit one entry, any form of cheating, such as using multiple forum accounts, is against the rules and can not only get you disqualified from this event but also banned from the server. GMs reserve the right to pick fewer than 3 winners if no suitable entries are submitted.
  13. Improving Rental Equips

  14. Another of your PVP enthusiast

    From back when I used to PvP on a very casual level, I seem to recall there would be parties forming up, and those groups we remove and 1 on 1 aspect of the game play, they would also tend to put off newer players. Like Amri said, there's not really any desire to try and force the PvP community to play a certain way, they tend to self police. People will gang up if someone new tries to jump into such a room, and like I said, that's the way it goes, if they want to play like that, they are welcome to. But no new player is going to want to go into that just for a costume. I guess the point is, in what way does this fix the fact that a good deal of players don't want to PvP? There will be a leaderboard, ok, so the people who already PvP will be on it... and will continue to PvP. The rest of us will realise pretty much immediately that even if we had the gear, which we probably don't, we don't have enough friends with equal gear to go in and have even a remote chance of even coming near that leaderboard. In all honesty, at least if I want to go casually muck around in PvP without a leaderboard, no one is going to jam a list down my throat of who is better than me... Or at least that list won't be official.
  15. Another of your PVP enthusiast

    I'm not a PVP mastermind by any stretch, but I am somewhat confused if this is a suggestion for an event or a permanent system; if it's the system, the problem is not about amount of people entering, it's about people working together and saying "ok all of us will take part and we'll let this one person win then share in profits from the prize" or similar situations, no one els in the group wants it so you all just agree to let the friend who does want it, win.