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  1. GM Cherri

    TalonRO Valentine's Bakeoff!

    Hello my dears! Excuse my delays~ Here are our winners and runners up!! Top 3: @A Random Person @Ketniss @Tamaki_Senpai Runners Up: @Ashadia @luu1 I'll be sure to send you all some goodies as soon as I can! Also all valid entries will receive a little something as well
  2. GM Cherri

    TalonRO Valentine's Bakeoff!

    Lovely work my dears~ The deadline has now past and no further entries can be made! We'll get back to you with winners as soon as we can.
  3. GM Cherri

    TalonRO Valentine's Bakeoff!

    FOR ME?!? I'm touched and I gratefully accept such a lovely recipe
  4. GM Cherri

    TalonRO Valentine's Bakeoff!

    All of your entries are so wonderful and cute and I love them I wish I’d made my example piece for you guys instead of Howl
  5. GM Cherri

    TalonRO Valentine's Bakeoff!

    Why note bake with her, perfect Valentine’s Day activity 💖
  6. GM Cherri

    TalonRO Valentine's Bakeoff!

    Happy Valentines day dears~ Can't wait to see what you make
  7. u r the best GM and the  quikest in the answers thanks 4 u

    u r realy helpfull i hope u be the best one on this server

    thanks 4 ur helping best GM/awsm


  8. GM Cherri

    Player Pets ♥

  9. GM Cherri

    Pictures Of Players

    Recently I cosplayed, figured I would share
  10. GM Cherri

    You are hired to overhaul ragnarok!

    @GM Phoenix Dear, they're playing your song.
  11. GM Cherri

    oh hai :V [FULL]

    I'd like to order some arts please :V
  12. GM Cherri

    TalonRO Re-packaging Contest

    A hearty well done to (And in no particular order): @lunnanowa @anchampala @ZeroGrav007 I'll get some stuff sent to you before the weekend!!
  13. Finally I got to put some event footage on my new youtube channel :D

    1. SkyeReed


      woah this is cool! and scary~ haha takbo!!!/gg

    2. Jirokure


      demm i miss dis one ;ccc

    3. Hell0_Viki


      I never thought seeing a video of myself getting killed would be so... glorious  xD

      Thank you for the fun, Cherri and Lance! <3

  14. GM Cherri

    A Declaration of War

    This legit just made my day :'D
  15. Updated my arts collection gallery, now everyone can look at how amazing they are, just like I do all day :'D