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  1. Hello my dears! Excuse my delays~ Here are our winners and runners up!! Top 3: @A Random Person @Ketniss @Tamaki_Senpai Runners Up: @Ashadia @luu1 I'll be sure to send you all some goodies as soon as I can! Also all valid entries will receive a little something as well
  2. Lovely work my dears~ The deadline has now past and no further entries can be made! We'll get back to you with winners as soon as we can.
  3. FOR ME?!? I'm touched and I gratefully accept such a lovely recipe
  4. All of your entries are so wonderful and cute and I love them I wish I’d made my example piece for you guys instead of Howl
  5. Why note bake with her, perfect Valentine’s Day activity 💖
  6. Happy Valentines day dears~ Can't wait to see what you make
  7. u r the best GM and the  quikest in the answers thanks 4 u

    u r realy helpfull i hope u be the best one on this server

    thanks 4 ur helping best GM/awsm


  8. Recently I cosplayed, figured I would share
  9. @GM Phoenix Dear, they're playing your song.
  10. I'd like to order some arts please :V
  11. A hearty well done to (And in no particular order): @lunnanowa @anchampala @ZeroGrav007 I'll get some stuff sent to you before the weekend!!
  12. Finally I got to put some event footage on my new youtube channel :D

    1. SkyeReed


      woah this is cool! and scary~ haha takbo!!!/gg

    2. Jirokure


      demm i miss dis one ;ccc

    3. Hell0_Viki


      I never thought seeing a video of myself getting killed would be so... glorious  xD

      Thank you for the fun, Cherri and Lance! <3

  13. This legit just made my day :'D
  14. Updated my arts collection gallery, now everyone can look at how amazing they are, just like I do all day :'D


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