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  1. A hearty well done to (And in no particular order): @lunnanowa @anchampala @ZeroGrav007 I'll get some stuff sent to you before the weekend!!
  2. As an Australian I approve of this content :'D
  3. Much like the hair dye entry, you can do more than one of the same product <:
  4. Every other week is a time where the GM's bask in some grand grocery shopping... Salmon for Kuma Hammer polish for Boreas Kitty litter for Mimi Skittles for Rainbow Lighter fluid for Luna Sparkles for Spica Of course, we can't just buy anything~ All of our shopping is done on the streets of Prontera, or in the grocery store in Lighthalzen! But sadly, the product range is WoEful... So we want you to design some new ones! The task at hand is easy, take an every day item, it can be anything, and make the packaging RO themed! How you go about this is up to you. Feel free to redraw it from scratch, Photoshop the original, even glue pictures over the top of some real packaging, just make sure to be as creative as possible, whilst it still being recognisable. Rules and Guidelines: Include your In Game Name in your post. Include a photo both of your creation, and the original packaging Try to add as many details as possible (this is what we'll be looking for!) You can of course use arts from other sources for your piece, but credit the creators where possible Be sure to keep your entry forum appropriate, use some common sense here~ Here's what a valid entry should look like! Rewards: The 3 best entries will all receive the following; 1 x Elvira Pet 1 x July Monthly Costume Box 2 x Old Orange Box Entries Close: 22nd July at midnight, server time Each account may submit one entry, any form of cheating, such as using multiple forum accounts, is against the rules and can not only get you disqualified from this event but also banned from the server. GMs reserve the right to pick fewer than 3 winners if no suitable entries are submitted.
  5. If I could have anyone who participated in the event PM me their in game name, I can get to sending you all nifty things
  6. Apologies for all the delays but your stunning arts definitely made our jobs painful~ That said, the winners of the banner contest are as follows: 520x100 @Tofunee @crayna @yawnallday 468x60 @crayna @Tofunee crayna Congrats to our winners and those who won multiple times! There were a lot of great entries and we're proud of the community for really bringing their best in this! That said... It's been decided everyone who submitted an entry will be receiving a little something as thanks for your hard work!
  7. Sorry for my delay on this! Here we are Tamtams sprite, back and front https://www.dropbox.com/s/zxa6mhvhycylzp4/tam000.bmp?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/lmvrnb8mzwb0y12/tam001.bmp?dl=0
  8. It is my absolute pleasure to announce the following players as the winners of the Valentines Love Story Event! Please also know that we had a REALLY tough time here, so many great entries were submitted and we've all had good hard cries selecting our favourites to tally up the winners. In a way, you're all winners to me, but in the way that matters, the way the comes with free stuff, the following people are First Place: IceBatu ( @ihazbackuptalon ) Second Place: Lady Koto ( @Krystal Shards ) Third Place: DivineComedian ( @ADMS ) Let me again say how overwhelmed and happy I was with the turnout of this event. You really made this hard for us GMs, which is exactly what we like to see! I'll get the prizes out to our 3 winners ASAP!
  9. Oh they look amazing I'll be adding NPC sprites of TamTam for everyone to use as well <:
  10. TalonRO has continued to grow in leaps and bounds and with the 10th anniversary just around the corner, our new Control Panel speeding in, and the mass of new features always appearing, it's pretty much always time for us to have some cool new banners! With that said, the banner contest is back. We use these banners for a mix of widely visited places like voting topsites, RMS, advertisements, social media, and more. And these sites and banners are main contributors to our population, so keeping them eye catching and exciting is one of the best ways to keep the server growing and ensure we have new faces joining us every day. The bigger the server, the more fun to be had! On top of that, we're going to offer you some nifty prizes for your amazing work. Submission Styles. There are two categories of banners we're looking for in this competition: Banner Style # 1: 520 x 100 Banner Style # 2: 468 x 60 Submission Rules. You are free to submit as many banners as you want in any category! The banners should, at a minimum, say TalonRO on them. For those wishing to use the Official TalonRO Logo, you can obtain a copy here: TalonRO Logo 2016 Without TamTam or TalonRO Logo 2016 With TamTam We also recommending the inclusion of any of our key terms below; feel free to pick 3-4 below, change the wording, or even make up your own unique terms! 10 Years Strong Pre-Renewal Dynamic rates between 5/5/3 and 8/8/3 Episode 14.1 - Bifrost 1400+ online every day No wipes, ever. Lighthalzen 4, Octopus Cave, Hazy Forest, Malangdo Culverts Wave Challenge Unique Reward System 180+ Custom Hairstyles 1000+ Awesome hats Orphanage Resting System Unique Mining System Unique Jewelcrafting System Tons of custom features and quests Custom Pets Regular updates The maximum file size(s) for the banner(s) are: 468x60: 100kb 520x100: 400kb Submission Methods and Deadline. To enter your banner for competition entry, simply post it into this thread as an attached image! Please also keep the uncompressed version as well. If you win, we'll be asking you for that version! Entries can be in both PNG, JPG and GIF format - whichever you prefer~ The deadline for this competition is 31st of March. All valid entries must be posted in this thread by 31st of March to qualify. Contest Prizes. Different sized banners will award different prizes, and multiple people can win for each size, they go as follows: 520 x 100 Banners: Three winners maximum 30 Talon Coin Prize 468 x 60 Banners: Three winners maximum 20 Talon Coin Prize We know there will be more talent pouring out of our amazing community and we're looking forward with anticipation and dread at having to pick winners from the entries received! Best of luck, we look forward to seeing your hard work~
  11. Hello lovelies! I am so sorry for all the delays, I had to move and ended up without internet >: I'll do my best to have winners announced by mid next week and then I'll get prizes to you lovely dears with incredible speed~
  12. It has been mentioned, but please make sure you're including your in game names. Ideally on the forum post where it's easily visible :3
  13. This event calls for written stories, not comics~
  14. The story does not need to contain specific talonRO items, no. But it shouldn't be obviously set in some other server or game xD Love can be between whoever you like.
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