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  1. Copy, thanks. Don't have anyone to bring but I can definitely prebuff and bring in a truckload of meat. I appreciate all the help you've offered, you've given me a good idea of what my short and long term goals should be. Cheers.
  2. Thank you, Apple, I appreciate it. Is the Dark Illusion easy to kill? I've read a guide on the quest, but I've also been reading about how easy it is to permanently fail the quest and I'm trying to minimize that risk. Any advice you have regarding that would also be appreciated.
  3. So I did some searching around, and I was able to find a few old threads for Stalkers looking to get into Geffenia. It looks like there's a lot of gear I'm going to have to farm before I can reasonably start poking around in there. If I'm understanding correctly, I'm going to want to farm my way to a slotted Ice Pick, with the eventual goal being a Sherwood Bow. I also should be looking to get... A +1 AGI mid with a Stormy Knight card A Pirate Dagger A Doppelganger card for the Ice Pick, unless I go Bowling Bash in which case it would be a Turtle General card. A Dragon Vest with a Bathory card. (What bonuses should I be aiming for between STR, AGI, or Flee?) A Thorn Shield with a Khalitzburg card. A Dragon Manteau with a Deviling card. A pair of Sleipnirs with a General Egnignem Cenia card. Two Celebration Rings, eventually a Horn of Buffalo with an Ifrit card. Currently I'm using two uncarded Bradium Brooches, and given that the only real gear I have is a Weeder Knife and Kaho horns, I think I'm going to have to continue farming Mavkas until I can do the Geffenia quest, because I'm not sure I can kill the Dark Illusion in the quest as I am right now. At this point, I'm wondering what the minimum I need to break into Geffenia is, and I think I also need advice on how I should gear up to kill the Dark Illusion in the Geffenia quest, because I've never killed a boss in this game. I'm that inexperienced, lol.
  4. I'm always willing to try something new. Would you happen to know of any good guides for Geffenia farming aimed towards Stalkers who don't know the first thing about it? Thanks for popping in.
  5. I haven't played in a couple of years, but I've recently felt that itch and decided to redownload and log in. I have a 95/63 Stalker (as well as some utility classes on another account such as a merchant, sage, priest) and I was wondering what kind of content I should be doing, and how. I used to do Mavkas with triple attack, and I don't know if that's still "the big thing" Stalkers do for money these days. As far as gear goes, I'm pretty basic. Kahos, a weeder knife[0], a Wool Scarf[Magmaring] and some Tidal Shoes. I expect I'm not equipped for much more than Mavkas, but I'm not sure what kind of gear I should be looking to buy or acquire, as it's been quite some time and there are some new things I'm not familiar with such as enchanted gear. Any advice from a more experienced player would be appreciated.
  6. I was having this issue as well. The shortcut target fix did not work, and I didn't have any sound software to disable. What did work was changing my Graphics Device in the launcher to one of the ones named after my GPU, like so: Direct3D HAL and Direct3D T&L HAL were both white-screening, but any of the other settings work just fine--for reference, I have three monitors and that was probably causing my problem.
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