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  1. IceDryst


    Nice name xCielo Welcome to the server! I hope you will make a lot of friends. Enjoy your journey!
  2. Had fun playing around with brushes
  3. I found out my line work is horrific Anyway, today's work, I had so much fun with it: "In the end, we live for the applause. " Older Versions:
  4. HELLO 2020 Not much to say, still managing my thoughts My latest WIP, it's about a novice girl at the equipment shop, dreaming of becoming a Paladin one day
  5. I'm gonna call this one finished. From Nov 28th to Dec 31st. Been a fun project.
  6. Update!!! ART REALIZATION: (read with caution, it may help you, it may harm you ) It's amazing how horrible our (my) memory is. Don't make my same mistake spending hours trying to invent the face when with in 5 minutes painting, with 4 reference images you can change this into this
  7. Thank you Scherie. He is indeed Antonio ART REALIZATION: (read with caution, it may help you, it may harm you ) Bonus: here is my failure on on understanding the 3D form of the head, I only realized it after spending a long time painting it, however it wasn't the focus of this study, it was about testing out some painting workflows. Oh and I have been thinking "what is the point of learning to paint when 3D software can do most of that easily, I mean why would I spend months practicing perspective and shading and such?". What do you guys think about this? Anyway I gotta go now! Let's meet another day!
  8. Hi, nice to meet you. I'm IceDryst in game (SuperNovice) Though I'm pretty inactive in game recently. Hope you have a good time with TalonRO!! Welcome!
  9. Have been traveling for the last few days. ART REALIZATION: hi, talking to Conscendo earlier, and having experienced it first hand, I realized that for some people (like me) drawing is much harder than painting. Given that the most common advice is learn to draw before learn to paint, it never crossed my mind that painting could be "easier" than painting. Until I watched Boro Dante youtube channel. With painting, you simply paint reality as is, while with drawing you have to somehow find a way to create that illusion with just black and white lines. It's the same as realism vs stylization. Anime is much harder to draw compared to real life study because you have to find a way to represent real life with simplier tools. So if you find drawing frustrating sometime, give painting a chance, it will help you improve your drawing too! Anyway, an update on the WIP earlier, which is still a WIP !
  10. Stunning work on Akrab, love how every color works together!
  11. The best thing to wake up to Thank everyone for the hardwork!
  12. Thank you Con, that's actually the older version of the one I sent you 😂, but you got it right that the mouth looked better here than the newer version. Thank you for your compliment on colors. Thank you
  13. Hi fellow adventurers!! I had been struggling with art. I realized that art is really really hard, to the point I wanted to quit. So many balls to juggle. Luckily at the moment things seem to calm down for me to think though. It comes to me that I'm doing art because it's hard. If it were easy, it would be way too boring, and I would have quit long ago. ART REALIZATION: hey, enough of the nonsense. I started thinking "why some artist works look way cooler than mine". After chatting with @hligg it comes clear. My shapes design is non-existent!! No gesture! No Shapes! No 2D designs. So the lesson I learnt is, perspective and forms are cool, but in the end they all come to 2D shapes,. Thank you for being here with me! Haven't posted anything in a long time, and this is an art forum after all, so here is a WIP (and yeah, the proportions of her body are horrible now, all intended ) Oh and I'm on a new char now, Super Novice named IceDryst, hope to see you guys in game.
  14. Changelog 2019-11-22: Refine TamTam, destroy the ugly digital lens-blurred background "Mer...merry Christmas, friend", Antonio stuttered. IGN: IceDryst GM Lance Challenge: Include TamTam in your artwork. +2 GM Creed Challenge: Nobody should be left alone for the holidays. Include Antonio (either being naughty or nice). +2
  15. nice one, I'm gonna do one as soon as I can
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