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  1. I Need Food's Canvas Introduction Hi, my IGN is I Need Food. You can find me sitting in Eden or Splendide. I started drawing 2-3 years ago I think, it changed my life ever since. My weakness is I'm very impatient, which lead to messy drawing. (I hate doing lineart) Price Tag It's pay-what-you-want format. Yes, you, I have faith in you. Please try your best to tell me what you want in the picture. Contact Discord: IceDryst#5214 In-game Mailbox : I Need Food TalonRO forum Inbox is great too. Arts
  2. wow it really take a lot of work, and it shows in the final painting
  3. nice work man, I love how clean everything looks!! oh a question, how long do you usually spend on one art piece?
  4. Ah summer, it's that time of the year again Love from a tropical country IGN: I Need Food Edit: On second thought, might not be a good idea to put my handwriting inside
  5. Shout out to all my fellow Sleeper farmers that will be spending the Summer on the field!! IGN: I Need Food
  6. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, I give you my best! IGN: I Need Food
  7. Glad you liked it Thank you for the kind words
  8. I got so frustrated about my art learning process, so I decided to just have fun painting without caring about the result !! Luna and GM Creed I don't have talonRO client with me right now, so the next person please draw GM Creed as human maybe :D ?
  9. IGN: Ice Dryst "For monsters have their own life too."
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