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  1. Apparently one can't always just draw all the time, I felt a strong urge to paint earlier. It does feel good not having to look at the lines all the time.
  2. Today I try to slow down and actually pay attention to what I were doing when drawing (Like what you do in mindfulness meditation). So it comes to me that I have been drawing different types of lines. One is the "searching line", where I go chicken scratch/messy in an attempt to find the line I want to draw. The other is "Committing line", where I go back again with a stronger line to draw the line I found in the first step. It seems I do that with almost every line I drew, without noticing it.
  3. It's a pure pleasure to perceive your message! OK, I'm not gonna try to pretend that I'm good with words >_<. Glad to hear that I fired you up too! I mean I'm so lucky I found art. Today thing: OMG it takes hours to do simple things like this The focus was on 3D form and using references for parts. Proportion was off at times (which I liquified whenever I recognized it) Overall the pose is awkward and the face is as emotional as a rock. But that is topic for another time.
  4. Actually made me laugh Today I feel better, get my ass to do some hair study. Since I realized I have a horrible visual library, for a month to come I made a promise to myself to use references for everything I draw. After that maybe I can think about lineart. Oh, I have one realization that I never thought of before: If I think of line art as a form of finishing a picture, I have to actually spend time on it as if I were painting. My previous thought on how things work: Sketch -> Line art -> Painting How I think it's now -> Line Art & Color / Sketch (Job50) --> \ -> Painting
  5. Thank Brisha!! I'm very angry inside recently. Emotion dump!! An angry tangled novice, if you can't make out what this is.
  6. OMG people like you make me want to quit art forever so motivated to learn new things in the mission to use my art to bring world peace 😉 Look forward to see more from you!
  7. Hi, due to life difficulties I need to get rid of the following gears. OA SOLD And also these: Thank youu!! And, no I not selling my body unless I'm attracted to yours .
  8. Where are you I miss your art man
  9. THANK PRIDEE, I want to be SN so bad now!!
  10. I were sketching and the inspiration struck
  11. How I feel drawing!!
  12. Sketches again!! Because doing lineart/fullcolor/painting does really slow my learning progress down. This one is done to learn the structure of the face and proportion of the body, but mainly the face structure. This one focus on getting a more dynamic composition.
  13. Paladin Sketch!!!!!!!!!!!!! The sillhoutte is horrible though, but well, gotta sleep
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