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  1. is Lozaki Nr2 or Nr1 blacksmith?

    inb4 gravedig @MyWifeForHire awesome m8
  2. S> +5 Blade of Angels

    as title states. DB Alligator carded, 155m i could also decard the alligator, but price would stay^^ (reply here please :>)
  3. Christmas | Holiday Celebration Event!

    Awesome :> Comeback with xmas celebrations xD 1st
  4. S> (see post)

  5. S> (see post)

  6. S> (see post)

    sry, been a bit too busy, updating again soon updated^^
  7. S> (see post)

    new position: mall, bottom right, 2nd row^^ (few discounts in)
  8. S> (see post)

    hey there^^ am holding a vend up as often as i can, containing: Contact Lenses [1] Stormy Knight Card 16,900,000 1 ~~~Good stuff on sale prontera 164,71 +7 Lever Action Rifle [2] Doppelganger Card 21,900,000 1 ~~~Good stuff on sale prontera 164,71 +10 Rod [4] Drake Card 11,900,000 1 ~~~Good stuff on sale prontera 164,71 Unique Sunglasses [1] Gryphon Card STR+1 16,900,000 1 ~~~Good stuff on sale prontera 164,71 current position: prontera, bottom right
  9. i wonder where you are hiding the calendar, cant find it o.O

  10. "nightmode"

    hello there =) i wonder, is it possible to manually enable the "nightmode"/soul link-mode per edit or so? and if, is it allowed? =)