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  1. IGN:Elza Rishlink puns galore vacation at port malaya chilling with mini general celia at verus, nbd
  2. Congratulations to everyone, I think all the screens liven up the place wonderfully <3 So much creative diversity this year, I had fun participating. It's been an absolute honor. No problem. Thank you for the clarification and all your hard work on this event!
  3. I salute anyone who's submitting later than me /heh Happy Halloween ;D IGN: Elza Rishlink
  4. IGN: Elza Rishlink I saw an opportunity with my name and took advantage of it. Questioning everyone's description of colors. You're being mugged, dude.
  5. I wonder if it's acceptable for me to post these for now, and I'll just be editing this if I decide to add more. Too close to the deadline /wah
  6. Wow, song requests! I've had this one song in mind for a while now, and I'd always pictures a setting similar to the island. Nightlife, partying on the piers. Sparkly, upbeat mood and everything. I think it fits the most Magic (ft. Gary Go) - The Knocks A few other suggestions won't hurt I hope. Something with a more sultry sound: Dusk - Northeast Party House back to a more festive mood: Valeria - Rhythm of the Night (Moulin Rouge OST) sorry, DeBarge
  7. Hello! Got a 3120ish word-count story here! It's a bit lengthy, but I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I'd enjoyed writing it. I don't want to give it away completely, but I think it's a pretty lighthearted adventure type. IGN: Adelaide Sprye
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