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  1. sirAFKalot

    Bow card Buid

    Thank you, now i got it =] thanks allot
  2. sirAFKalot

    Bow card Buid

    thanks a lot you gave idea about how i level up *hunting board Quest* and thanks a lot for the answers I want double Dopp so easy 190 ASPD i don't wanna go Flee build or AGI build as you said auto attack crit build but i still dunno what to put 2 turtle or 1 turtle 1 Thantos and thanks for your answer my friend
  3. sirAFKalot

    Bow card Buid

    Hi I want to start making a hunter and i am kind confuse between the card i need in my bow so which card build is better +10 CB DDTT OR +10 CB DDTTh which one is the best for the higher dmg possible and to make the bow usable vs any monster | another Question is Bloody shackle ball atk bounce gonna work on Bow weapons ? last Question which Accessory is the best for Critical rate ? that's all i looking forward for your help
  4. sirAFKalot


    ohh nice alot of arab if you want hang out most of the time i will be at payon
  5. sirAFKalot

    ME Priest headgear card help

    mistress is a must for any HP and Priest count how much you save from BG and how much weight limit you will have after getting ride from all that heavy BG btw there is staffs that almost have same affect as HW but low % i forget it names staff of piercing or something
  6. sirAFKalot

    Will of the D ~ Keep the fire burning! ~

    it has been a while sines i was on ingame where fayzz is he still alive?
  7. sirAFKalot


    STATS: you will need VIT + (Enough dex for fast cast you don't need IC tho)+ the rest in int for sp reg and enough heal point Skills: it depend on what you need and the situation but the main used skills are: Bless Agi up Pnuema Heal (Duh ....) Magnificat Kyrie Eleison Sanctuary Safety Wall Ressurection Redemptio i will stick with only this because as i said it is the most needed priest in any party, so in the left skill points you can get what ever you need
  8. sirAFKalot

    Will of the D ~ Keep the fire burning! ~

    omg the topic is dead already
  9. sirAFKalot

    Will of the D ~ Keep the fire burning! ~

  10. sirAFKalot

    low budget LH Champ

    so It is a must to use 3 shield (Thara, Khalitz and GTB) and the idea of carrying 3 weapons is a kind but I will see if I can mange with it thanks allot every one for the help
  11. sirAFKalot


    still hoping to see arabs here T_T
  12. sirAFKalot

    low budget LH Champ

    I am planning to make a low budget LH Champ I got every thing but I not sure about the shield and the weapon I planning to make the stander (Back to the root weapon) which is +10 Mace (2X hydra 2X Skeleton Worker) but the monster now is 2 diffrent races (Demon+Demihuman) so i got 2 Question 1)should i change to (Hydra 3X Skeleton worker) 2)is there a better weapon that contain 4 cards for champ and the shield related question is which sheild is the best for there beside GTB ?
  13. sirAFKalot

    Will of the D ~ Keep the fire burning! ~

    OMG you are really depressed O_O and you have a wrong idea about the parties T_T my gear worth like 70 mil only and 50 of that is for kaho no sqi no super gear and still I can join GMC ET MVP as for the class every class can do super fine if you use it right regarding the gear I think you are missing the main idea of RO T_T "just get lose and have fun" sorry I talk alot