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  1. Fale

    TalonRO Calculator

    Yes sir:)
  2. Fale

    TalonRO Calculator

    I'd love to help out if that's still possible.
  3. Fale

    S>Icepick+6Dex SOLD

    Sent you a PM:)
  4. Fale

    Guild de habla Hispana

    Bump bump! Seguimos activos y reclutando
  5. Fale

    S/T> Flying Drone Costume

    Bump bump! Keep those offers coming Only two days left!
  6. Fale

    S/T> Flying Drone Costume

    Hey guys! Currently selling/trading this little baby from GMC's Cerulean Box. Willing to rush sell or trade for other costumes/gears of any kind c: Message me here, on Discord (Fale#5349) or Leaflets in-game with your offers. At the end of the week I'll just grab the best offer. So, it doesn't matter how "low" you think it is, I'll literally just accept the best offer (well unless the best one turns out to be something absurd like 10 Yggdrasil Berries or 500k). Think of it as some sort of auction! Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day!
  7. Fale

    Fale's Shop~ (Shiny Costumes!)

    Hoho got a sweet Drooping Dorasuke Costume (from January Costume Box)! Added, and bump!
  8. Fale

    Guild de habla Hispana

    Solo pasando por aquí a pegar un merecido bump! Si hablas español y quieres pasarla bien te esperamos en Dewata!
  9. Fale

    Fale's Shop~ (Shiny Costumes!)

    Added some more stuff (oh, and bump)!
  10. Wow buddy these are awesome! Keep them coming!
  11. Fale

    Fale's Shop~ (Shiny Costumes!)

    So, I'm currently selling shiny costumes (and some random storage stuff)! Thanks for stopping by! Costumes NEW: Drooping Dorasuke Costume Silk Black Cat Hat Costume Nekoring Hat Costume Sun Visor Costume Blazing Sun Costume
  12. 400 coins so far, just food, will update if something comes up!
  13. Fale

    Trick or Treat Bag

    Got a Queen Scaraba Card, Screw Stuck In Head[0], stat+8 foods, a couple Emperium, some Gold, DB and Elu boxes and MANY BANANAS (seriously, Banana seems to find its way, lol).
  14. Fale

    Guess the Number Guide

    Long post incoming... TLDR: Pretty much like @Valeyard, Binary Search is the key to fast guesses. What I personally do is as it follows (works 100%, and just fails if you don't type quick enough, plus, I'm still figuring out ways to make it faster): Start with 11111: If you're not ported to room 1, it means you got no digits right. This is actually good because it means you'll get your first digit right once you warp in a room. Up the first digit to 2 (so 21111), and keep trying until you're warped in a room. Now, if you got warped to room 1, it means we gotta start changing that second digit. If it says lower go for 0 on the second digit (only lower choice left), or if it says higher, go for a 6. I choose 6 because it allows for faster evenly spaced transitions between numbers, so if you get warped again to room 1 saying the number is higher, go for an 8. If after hitting 8 it tells you to go higher you go for 9, otherwise you go to 7. Easy to discard, right? Same rule applies to lower case, if you get warped after putting 6 and it says lower, pick 4. If it's still lower go for 2, if higher, hit 5. If after hitting 2 it says higher, the only option is 3 (since every other number is discarded already). Use this method until you hit the second digit right, and you'll be warped to room 2. Once in room 2, you'll just have to do exactly what you did for the third digit until you get warped to room 3, for the fourth digit until you get to room 4, and for the fifth digit until you get the number! With enough speed you should make it in less than a minute! Otherwise, this is where it gets a bit tricky! If you type 11111 and get warped to room 2, it means that the first digit is correct, along with the number 1 being correct among the other digits. It means that the second digit might have to change. You just need to up the second digit to 6 to make sure 1 is the correct second digit (or not). How do you know? Well, if you get warped back to room 1, it means the second digit was 1 all along! If you're still in room 2, then it means the 1 is correct on another position and you just change the second digit like we did earlier (depending if it's higher or lower). If gets nastier if you happen to land in 3 or 4 right away on the first try. Just remember to change your second, third, fourth or fifth digits accordingly to check where the 1's are in the correct place. If you type 11111 and get warped right away, you need to check if the first digit is actually 1 (no matter the room you happen to land on). Put 21111 and if you don't get warped in (or if the room number gets lower), it means the first digit is actually 1. Otherwise, if you get warped back to the same room, it means that 1 is correct on every other position except the first one, so just keep moving the first digit until you hit the next room, and restart the cycle described earlier from where you land! Kind of a mess to understand at first, so let's make a quick example! Suppose we have 32498 as our number! So according to this method, we go as follows: We first type 11111, which, of course, won't let us warp into a room. We can then be sure that 1 is not a correct digit in our number. Number is higher. We then type 21111. Once again we don't get warped, we cannot discard 2 though, as it might be a valid number in the other positions. Number is higher. Now we try 31111, we get warped to room 1. Number is higher, so we start moving the second digit. Putting 36111 makes us warp to room 1 again. Number is lower. 34111 this time. Room 1 again. Number is lower. 32111. Now we're warped to room 2. First two digits clear. Number is higher. We put 32611 according to this method, and end up in room 2. Number is lower. We fall back to 4. We insert 32411, and get directly warped to room 3. We're two digits away from our number! Number is higher. Following the rule, we insert 32461, we still on room 3. Number is higher. Now 32481, we still on room 3. Number is higher. 9 should be the fourth digit, so we put it. With 32491, we're warped to room 4. Number is higher. We try 32496, and we're still warped in room 4. Number is higher. Time to try 32498. We got it! So for this number, we took a total of 13 guesses. Assuming you type fast enough (and mastered the number transitions),you can take up to 1 minute or a bit more to figure this one. This is actually a pretty hard example, but other numbers might take even less time! Another example, for the number 10881: 11111. Warp to room 2. Number is lower. 10111 (according to our method). Warp to room 2 still. Number is higher. 10611. Warp to room 2. Number is higher. 10811. Warp to room 3. Number is higher. 10861. Warp to room 3. Number is still higher. 10881. We got it! As a golden rule, if your number has more than one number 1, test from left to right to check what digit needs to change (and memorize the digit that has the 1 as correct value). And that's it! Hope it helped! I'm sure there are faster methods out there, just wanted to share mine if it's useful for anyone c:
  15. I'm 99.9% sure you can use it. The item's ID should remain the same even when carded.