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  1. Loki back at it again.
  2. they go to the poor people of Prontera and the Royal Family. xD
  3. Triggeres

    1 Billion Zeny Limit

    Iduna has a new Bank system where you can put billions of zeny on one account. So please wait until the 6th.
  5. I dont agree on the points gather for capping. it promotes capfests in my opinion
  6. I was looking at the SQIs that have a hit bonus on top of this QS card like the LK and Champ SQI.40+35 hit is pretty much a free phree with high power still. and yes I should make a suggestion then if I cant put input here on it /spin
  7. Completely unrelated to what I'm saying but yes people will.donate or buy tc for that card and more...
  8. Its not about making a new build to counter it,the card gives way too many perks thats all,it needs a nerf or limitation
  9. queen scaraba card is a bit unbalanced in pvp/woe,a lot of sqis have a hit bonus while this card gives more hit *free phree* and still add power,it pretty much destroys flee builds. :|
  10. if it makes you feel better I actually gave the headgear away to a friend for her birthday.
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