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  1. Just wondering - with the DEF nerfs, is it still possible to tank (without your party wiping) with high-DEF (70-99 DEF) Pally/LKs for end-game PvM, with/without devo, or is it no longer viable?
  2. Ameijin Gorby

    TalonRO Re-packaging Contest

    "BleaLeech: for fresh, newly-created alts" IGN: Gorby
  3. Ameijin Gorby

    Minimum Thor Hunter Gear

    Hi, So I made a hunter and got to 80 with her, trying thor with only a hunter bow/arrows and sage endow + pasana armor. I still get pwned by Kasa and my DS only does about 3.9-4.1k damage which means I have to do it 20-21 times (I can only do it max 10 times before it reaches me, starting from max distance). Moving back and DS-ing just gets me to run into other monsters and usually gets me killed Is there some sort of technique to killing Kasas? Or do I have to invest in some +10 carded comp bow or elven bow? Thanks for anyone's thoughts/help on this matter.
  4. Ameijin Gorby

    Bomb/Demonstration and Autocast

    Okay I got it, thank you :D! (400k down the drain for injustice card :'()
  5. Ameijin Gorby

    Bomb/Demonstration and Autocast

    So you're saying that Demonstration will activate bolts/sonic blow/etc, while Mammonite won't?
  6. Ameijin Gorby

    Bomb/Demonstration and Autocast

    Hello everyone, I have a question that I couldn't find through here or on google about the Alchemist skill Bomb/Demonstration: Does it trigger autocast? Because I read on a post somewhere here: that it does because it counts as an attack (similar to Alchemist plants I guess?), although I haven't seen it happen (given I used an Injustice card and it's only 5% chance), does anyone have a sure answer to this? Thank you for anyone that knows/replies to this thread :).
  7. Ameijin Gorby

    Shield Boomerang Build

    Wait so you mean +ATK cards increase Shield Boomerang damage?
  8. Ameijin Gorby

    Shield Boomerang Build

    Hi guys, I was watching this video: And even though I copied the equips onto the TalonRo calculator, I still can't get ~9k damage that he's getting. Is there something I'm missing? The highest I could get was 7.8-8k. I had ~97+33 STR, with Blessing.