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  1. IGN: Eululu Entry #1: THE THIRD MEMBER (based in real life experience at TRO)
  2. In game name: KiloBytes Here's my entries: Orc Zombie Orc Archer Orc Lord
  3. purrrfect... pray pray pray to be the lucky one.
  4. oh and next time please try the search button. >_<
  5. do not trust google, its better if it is your own original work. :
  6. then make a different kind of build don't stick to just one build, it actually gives a new way for players to strategize.
  7. the database is not updated yet... check the updated post of GM Seiren on the topic post.
  8. be patient our GM's are doing a secret modification of them already. /gg
  9. wooot el discastes equips awesome... is there a quest to enter that place?
  10. will someone be kind enough to post picks of the prizes you got from this event?
  11. SS of Gloom Soldiers following commands from meh. 1st shot: Attention! 2nd shot: Listen up gloomies these are your orders: .... 3rd shot: gloomies dismissed!
  12. maybe but please take a look at it first. would be greatly appreciated. thanks
  13. This feature is pretty helpful but its a bit off.
  14. whow another one of GM Howl's event. You're the best event GM ever. /no1 *yey its my first time to be the first to post.
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