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  1. This is cool too. A few questions: Is the 250 minimum word required, meaning if we weren't able to include the 250 minimum word requirement our entry will not be honored? Are multiple entries allowed or one entry only per forum account?
  2. In game name: bytes Geographer Mandragora Dryad Draft Draft for Geographer Entry 1: Draft for Geographer Entry 2: Draft for Mandragora Entry 1: Draft for Mandragora Entry 2: Draft for Dryad: Sketch Sketch for Geographer Entry 1: Sketch for Geographer Entry 2: Sketch for Mandragora Entry 1: Sketch for Mandragora Entry 2: Sketch for Dryad Entry 1: Final Final for Geographer Entry 1: Final for Geographer Entry 2: Final for Mandragora Entry 1: Final for Mandragora Entry 2: Final for Dryad Entry 1:
  3. IGN : Emerald Pink Class : Priest BLevel : 99 JLevel : 50 1st EGGsperience (An Easter Event Adventure in Cirque du Fluff) Back Story: This story is an adventure experienced by a newbie novice during the Easter event in Cirque du Fluff. It was a sunny and a fine, fine day in Prontera. TeraBytes, a novice, was wandering around the city when he saw a crowd of people gathering near the central fountain. Curious, he went to see what was going on and there, he was enticed by a grandiose looking man. He told him about a magical town. TeraBytes eagerly accepted the man's invitation and he took him in a magnificent place called Cirque du Fluff. An unbelievable mystical town unfolded in front of his eyes. He has never been in that place before! A girl named Easterlina welcomed him with a warm smile. She handed a brochure to TeraBytes. He had learned that the place is like a carnival where he can play games and get some tokens to exchange to wondrous prizes. Knowing what he could get, TeraBytes excitedly joined in the different mini games. He was so excited that he forgot to pay attention to the numerous announcements and instructions being given by the people in charge. All that he has in mind is to play, play, and play even though he was unsure what to do. Sometimes, it is in our instinct to head on in some challenges before knowing the background of it all. The best part in our experiences is that we grow and learn. It is also amazing to know that we are not alone in our adventure and that no matter how many times we fail, we can always stand up and try again. TalonRO Screenshots:
  4. IGN: Eululu Entry #1: THE THIRD MEMBER (based in real life experience at TRO)
  5. In game name: KiloBytes Here's my entries: Orc Zombie Orc Archer Orc Lord
  6. Other entries to follow: IGN: bytes
  7. purrrfect... pray pray pray to be the lucky one.
  8. then make a different kind of build don't stick to just one build, it actually gives a new way for players to strategize.
  9. the database is not updated yet... check the updated post of GM Seiren on the topic post.
  10. be patient our GM's are doing a secret modification of them already. /gg
  11. oh... Whew~ i thought it was on my side.
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