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  1. this is what i get after 3 days of farming.. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  2. if u only collect 1 color box,is it possible to get all the alphabets marbles from A to Z?
  3. a little info on the event headgears! After killing the monsters requested,the NPC will ask for some ingredients to make the hat 1 char can only make 1 hat.Both hat requires the same list of ingredients You need to bring her: 1 x Antlers 1 x Unicorn Horn 100 x Ice cubics 50 x Fine-grained trunk 200k zeny Snowman Hat: int +3, dex +2, vit +3, agi +3 Reduce casting time by 10% 3% chance of freezing enemy when receving physical damage Rudolph Hat: str +3, dex +2, luk +3, agi +3 Enable fast move Increase aspd by 5% IMO, take the snowman hat,the rudolph hat looks ugly XD
  4. can someone post the list of ingredient for the lude mask?having to find him again just to look at the list is a pain
  5. I was trying to use the VIP service command !identify,after using it for like 5 times I got muted.. previously I cant type it for more then 2 times because of the spam filter, but now its even worse..
  6. does all the 3 mobs has the same drop rate for easter paint?
  7. hmm..below lvl 90 cant make SQI,but what about upgrading it?
  8. its just an imageshack problem.I figure out that u must register and login to imageshack to see the screenshots.otherwise they will not load properly
  9. nice update.but is there anyone else who cant see the screenshot posted besides me? it shows a frog on my site,saying "Domain unregisted,to view register at bit.ly/imageshack-domain
  10. revenge of the turtle general! he "spawn" back and kill me after i mvp-ed him IGN: imoka Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  11. introducing.. imoka the mini-doraemon
  12. Tip: DO NOT sell your herbs to player,make them into pots yourself and you will earn more! (provided your alchemist has decent success rate or you can make them using the npc http://ro.gameflier.com.my/gameinfo/Make/Make04.asp )
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