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  1. DURH

    PC - Nibelungen

    PC> Nibelungen clean and Nibelungen[QSQSQS] Thanks!
  2. DURH


    coming back to the game after a long break need z note: meh gear mainly equips: +7 aquarius diadem +4 orleans uniform [tao gunka] +1vit +7 buckler [empty] +7 sandals [empty] +7 silk robe [empty] +12hit shutter glasses costume +4 sandals [mystel] parts of archer combo: +4 sniping suit [anolian] +7 falken blitz [alligator, cruiser] +4 naght mant [dragon tail] leave ur offers here, will get on when i can thanks!
  3. DURH

    B>falken blitz

    gimme dat bow leave ur price ty