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  1. How to Install TalonRO on a MAC OS using WineSkin Requirements: A copy of the whole TalonRO Installation Folder from a Windows Machine (Usually located at C:\Games\TalonRO) Flash Drive/External HDD to store the TalonRO Folder Patience 1) Download and Install the following: Quartz - http://www.xquartz.org/ WineSkin - http://wineskin.urgesoftware.com/tiki-index.php?page=Downloads 2) Open WineSkin Winery from Launchpad and click the '+' button to download an engine 3) Select WS9Wine1.9.19 and click 'Download and Install' and hit 'OK' (Must be version 1.9.19 as 1.9.20 and above doesn't work) 4) Click 'Create New Blank Wrapper' and name it 'TalonRO' or whatever you like 5) Choose 'Allow' If you see this prompt below: 6) After the wrapper has been created, Select 'View wrapper in Finder' 7) Right click (Press and hold on Macbooks) the wrapper you just created and select 'Show Package Contents' (In this guide I named my wrapper TalonROmac) 8) Go to 'drive_c/Program Files/' and paste the TalonRO Installation folder 9) Go back to the main package contents directory and double click 'Wine Skin' 10) Click 'Advanced' then 'Options' tab and check the following: Option Key Works as Alt Force use of system installed XQuartz instead of using built in Wineskin11 Force use of wrappers quartz-wm for window decorations and not what is on the system (Checked by default) Map User Mac OS X Folders in wrapper (Checked by default) 11) Click 'Screen Options' and Follow the setup below and Click 'Done' Override Wine control of Screen Settings: Override Other Options: Check All Override Settings: Rootless (windowed) Virtual Desktop at: (Set it to your preferred resolution) Installer Options: Use these settings 12) Go back to the 'Configuration' tab and on the Windows EXE click 'Browse' and then locate, select and choose 'Setup.exe' (drive_c/Program Files/TalonRO/) 13) Click 'Test Run' and your Ragnarok Setup should show up. Now change the Graphics Device and Resolution to its appropriate values and hit Apply > OK. A prompt will show up after hitting OK, choose 'Cancel' option. 14) Now change the Windows EXE again but this time choose 'TalonPatch.exe' (drive_c/Program Files/TalonRO/). Click 'Test Run' again and the TalonRO Launcher should show up. 15) You can now close everything and thats it! You can launch TalonRO via Launchpad. But before playing, on your macOS go to System Preference > Keyboard and check 'Use F1,F2, etc. keys as standard function keys' (So you can use F1-F12 in game) NOTES You can try direct installation method if you dont have a windows machine. Just search around on how to do it. Wineskin Folder can be located using Finder > Go > Home > Applications > Wine Skin This method was tested only on OSX 10.11 (El Capitan) and macOS 10.12 (Sierra) Play around with different resolutions. I set mine to 1152x720 (both in wine and ragnaroksetup) since I'm on a 13 inch Macbook Pro You can change the Icon in the Configuration Tab Graphics and text might look funny (Not the best method but it works and its free) If you want to dual client or more, you have repeat the same process again If you want to patch your client, just change the Windows EXE to 'RagnarokPatch.exe' and once the patching process is done, revert it back to 'TalonPatch.exe'. Thanks for taking time to read the guide. Hope it helped you. Feel free to comment/add suggestions. Have a nice day and rok on!
  2. Good Luck with your new journey GM Rainbow! Best wishes! Have fun!
  3. Great Job GM's! Thanks for these wonderful updates. Cheers!
  4. Can be resolved by Right clicking the RagnarokSetup.exe > Troubleshoot compatibility > select Windows 7 compatibility. Then Kudos! You should be able to change the screen resolution after that.
  5. Awesome Vid! Makes me wanna play more and more!
  6. Haha! Too bad I didnt get a screenie. You guys are damn fast. -Ityan
  7. What time is this in US? (UTC-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)
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