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  1. Great detail on that Peco 👌
  2. We are more pro now that @Neko'Geki joined haha
  3. I hear the guild leader gives away bris to members when she's in a good mood.
  4. Yes, for example i was getting killed by a skill called "suicide bombing" from the monster called "constant" but could not find what element it was in order to wear proper equipment. While searching online i found out on a database from another private server that it was (Fire, non-physical)l which allowed me to stop dying after equipping a fire armor. I though that adding this type of information to our database could be helpful for new players or veterans when fighting new monsters for the first time as they get added. I uploaded a cropped picture of the info i found. Thank you for your time
  5. Is it possible to add what attacks the monster does on the monster database? and possibly the property of the attacks next to that? It would be very helpful especially to newer players getting used to what property attacks are.
  6. Deevina

    Arrow Quivers

    Is there anyway to add Arrow Quivers to Ammo tab in storage? Would just make sense to me. I don't think anyone would appose to this. Thanks!
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