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  1. There's chaos in Mora and I'm just chillin with my Pitt. /lv


  2. Xiell

    omg, you really are still active in TRO. *salute* ^_^

    1. Arya


      YAASS. Only WoE now though. xD Only got clown gears left because of the incident. Y U NO MEET UP WITH ME AND LADY? Had loads of fun. xD

    2. Xiell


      Incident? I lost time while I was playing and when I checked the phone it was past midnight. LOL. Sorry! /swt

    3. Arya


      Your loss. XD You didnt get to see a drunk Lady and a tipsy me. 😂 And I got hacked and almost got permabanned because Im terrible at gauging people. 😅

  3. Hehe. Seems like a mouthful. Horray for the halloween event!
  4. Guh. My throat feels so dry. I want some hot tea.

  5. Everything looks just wonderful. Meeeeeloooons!!!
  6. Those sunflowers... I can't help but imagine they'd morph into Geographers and the Novice(?) gets... Morbid, I know. You should make a Halloween continuation with that. Marvi's entry reminds me of FF art. Who's the chibi on the stalker? He can be Cid in the FF universe.
  7. pokes everything

  8. That hoodie! <3 Wishing for more fun years for the TalonRO community! Kudos GMS!
  9. I think it was written somewhere that it will end on October 1. EDIT:
  10. Something like Yule Ball? Yes please! <3
  11. #OUATinTRO Glad to see this again
  12. This is so hard, everything looks so delicious!
  13. You mean someone can just stay inside the event map 24/7?
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