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  1. There's chaos in Mora and I'm just chillin with my Pitt. /lv


  2. Xiell

    omg, you really are still active in TRO. *salute* ^_^

    1. Arya


      YAASS. Only WoE now though. xD Only got clown gears left because of the incident. Y U NO MEET UP WITH ME AND LADY? Had loads of fun. xD

    2. Xiell


      Incident? I lost time while I was playing and when I checked the phone it was past midnight. LOL. Sorry! /swt

    3. Arya


      Your loss. XD You didnt get to see a drunk Lady and a tipsy me. 😂 And I got hacked and almost got permabanned because Im terrible at gauging people. 😅

  3. @Nagix3 O_O Woa. Better late than never? Hehe. You still have my message for the reference? :3 I can send it again. Even though I don't play anymore, I'd definitely love to get one more chibi for my stalker. :3
  4. It's... Welcome to the new TalonRO.
  5. Hehe. Seems like a mouthful. Horray for the halloween event!
  6. Xiell

    Giant Fly Wings

    It is essentially Emergency Call in the PVM scenario. Too great of an advantage being able to just port your party in various locations instead of everyone having to go together and being careful exploring the more difficult dungeons/instances. And yes, they can put a cool down timer. Sounds great but I guess I am on the fence on this one too.
  7. ET ET ET ! Le mistress is back for Sunday night!
  8. Preparing for WOE is serious biz. #RIPNiflheim
  9. May I take number 21 please?
  10. GEC Lord Kaho Horn's Celebration Ring Deviling Card for me.
  11. Last I read, Boreas is in the works in implementing that one. So maybe. I liked the idea before already.
  12. Xiell

    Tips for Penomena

    What ^ said. Anyway, Flora Card to increase damage against Fish monsters but that's not worth investing, imo. But also nice to just have a variety of weapons on hold. If you want, invest in Sword Guardian cards (no specific weapon to suggest yet) if you want to spam Bowling Bash skill. What items you have at the moment and what budget can you spare to buy new gears? We can work from there. Try tinkering with calc.talonro.com yourself. Stat-wise will depend on what gears you have. But the general idea is to have enough flee (if you're going there) to miss or enough VIT to minimize damage, enough DEX for 100% hit rate, and STR for the damage.
  13. Haha, which character you using? I'll pay back the favor.
  14. Guh. My throat feels so dry. I want some hot tea.

  15. I didn't know where to put this so I'm just gonna put it here in our little General Banter section. I won't be adding videos regularly, since I play on and off but I will take clips every now and then when I play certain classes for future videos. Content will remain PVM. PVP/WoE will be put in the other section. Enjoy the random videos and the music. I mostly make the videos because I find a catchy tune that I want to make a video of with RO-content or I get inspired by player's discussion in the forum (eg. I made the ninja video because I read about it here and I never tried it, plus I watch Chappie and the music reminded me of it hehe). Enter the Magic Ninja Mitchy and Jibby's Quirky Encounter (LOL music I found. I don't play LOL though) Feel free to check my youtube channel for other TRO videos (old ones).
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